What Swim Trunks “Suit” You?

Fri, Jun 19, 2009

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(Borat Wearing the Neon Green “ManKini” is Priceless!! Exactly How “Nappy” Are Those Brown Shoes He’s Holding in His Left Hand??? Haha.. You Know That Girl on the Right Can Smell Those Stinky Shoes While Trying to Smile for this Pic.. Not Sure How Much Longer That Mankini Can Keep From Busting Open!)

The sun is hot, the birds are chirping, the waves are crashing, the sound of a boats motor rings through the air! Whether your at the community pool, spending the day at the lake with friends, or posted up on the beach on a Sunday afternoon, you have an opportunity to dress your body in a swimsuit that turns heads.. I personally take lots of pride in my presentation & this is common among all of us diet & workout all year to look & feel amazing in our own skin.. Being by the water, shirtless, is absolutely a time to show off your hard work in the gym & really set yourself apart from the others.. A nice bathing suit that fits your body type is important in drawing the right kind of attention to yourself.. Rule #1 in looking by the water, is to have a really nice, athletic looking body that is lean with muscle & low in body fat.. Rule #2, have on a pair of shorts that presents your body the best.. We have a few months of summer left over in the States Denver web design (This article isn’t too appealing to my EURO crowd right about now.. Did you see the gusting winds & sweater covered bodies @ the British Open Golf tournament last weekend?!? Its cold over there! But.. that’s OK.. This is a good time for you guys to hit the gym hard now, so when your sun comes back out, you’re Lean & Ready for a new Bathing Suit!) Let’s look at a few Summer Bathing “Garbs”..

Long Board Shorts are a Safe, but Young Look.. Board Shorts Look Good.. They’re Safe & Pretty Conservative.. We’ve all seen this type of suit coming assorted colors, flower imprints, Billabong & Quicksilver Stamped on the Leg, & pretty much any style you are, you can find a pair of board shorts to match your trend.. (Skulls, Roses, Skulls with Roses.. ANYTHING can printed on a pair of board shorts..) In my opinion if you’re over the age of 21, Board Shorts may be too young-looking for you.. 97% of the guys at the beach, or pool are going to have Board Shorts on, but take this opportunity to be a little different.. Here’s my problem with Board Shorts: 1) You are completely covering your legs because they hang so low.. (Know it or not, girls like nice legs on guys) 2) Board shorts are a “young” style.. You’re not a kid anymore.. (Surfers wear board shorts for more of a functionality of the sport, so don’t try & look like a surfer, if you’re not a surfer..) 3) Long Board Shorts can make you look shorter than you are.. Remember the article I wrote on “Getting lean can make you look taller? When you have shorts on that are too long & baggy, they make your legs & torso look short.. Not good for showing off a lean body.. 4) Lastly, I think too many people wear them.. I’m in to being unique.. I have 10+ pair of board shorts, but they are mostly worn around the house or to lounge in.. When I’m at the beach or pool, I choose something that does my body more justice..

(If you’re in good shape, You’ll Look Best In These Swim Trunks! The length of these trunks are perfect, in my opinion.. They show off your well developed legs, but aren’t too short to where you feel violated wearing them.. ha.. This is the hottest look this summer in Men’s Swim Trunks & Actually considered “Conservative” in Europe (The Blue Shorts on the Left are the ones Worn by James Bond in Casino Royal).. These shorts make you look leaner, longer, & can show off your trim obliques without having to “Sag” your shorts down below your knees.. This is a Very Athletic Looking Style of trunks that Highlights Your Entire Body.. Notice the Model that’s Wearing them Above.. Lean and Trim.. That’s the Look we Want)

The New Trend in Swim Trunks for Men.. This is the New Trend in Swim Trunks for Men.. There’s a skimpier version of these that I’ll get into next, but if you’re body fat is below 10%, you probably look best in these.. However, these trunks do look silly if you’re beefy with Muscle.. Wearing this style swim trunk will get your pale legs some sun, stretch the look of your physique out to make you longer, taller, & leaner, & fit tight to show off a nice butt.. If you think girls aren’t looking at your butt when you’re in your swim trunks, you’re wrong.. This look is almost a bit of a Vintage throwback look from the 50’s & 60’s (Truly a Classic & Eclectically Great Era to live in..) Most “In” trends are moving back to the Vintage look.. New Car manufactures are going to back to old body styles, hairstyles are tracking back to more classic clean looks, & designers are bringing back the classic “James Dean” form fitting clothing trends.. I really like it because these looks are perfect for lean bodies, just like these swim trunks.. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and bust out with the “short shorts” in August.. They look awesome on lean bodies & prove to be a look that’s back!

(They look huge on the computer screen huh.. Not so big when you put them on :) You Have to Be Extremely Secure and Confident when you wear these.. If you’re in shape & in the right environment, people may chuckle a bit at your Courage to Wear These, but Deep Down Their Hoping Their Girlfriend Isn’t Drooling Over Your Body!)

How Confident Are You? Could you wear these swimtrunks? But, Could you Really Wear These?? You can’t put these shorts on & be 1% insecure in them.. I wouldn’t wear these in front of anyone (outside of my “Circle of Trust.. :) ) unless my body fat is below 8%, or unless I’m Staging a Funny Joke.. They are very common in urban trendy-leading areas of the world.. I spend a lot of time in Miami, & South Beach is loaded with Latin men “Wearing” these perfectly.. The area I live on the West Coast of Florida isn’t ready for these shorts yet.. I do have a pair of these though and do wear them when I vacation to these Latin/European hotspots, but the “weenie-bikini” doesn’t come out often.. Its not that my shape isn’t ready for it, but my community & peers aren’t ready to accept it yet.. This look is common in many areas around the world, but please get super lean & toned before you show this look off.. I’ve spotted many “heavyweights” prancing around the beach in the “banana hammock” & its not a sexy sight.. However, I commend them on the confidence & lack of concern for what anyone thinks of them.. You have to appreciate and respect that.. I just think they would be better “suited” in any other style of swim trunk..

It summer & I love it (Getting a little bummed that its coming to an end, but then I have the Holidays to look forward too.. Life is Good!) I love showing off my hard work in the gym & have now started to pick a nice style bathing suit that looks good on my body.. Its nice to be unique, feel clean and healthy, & present yourself as a confident person.. When in doubt, no matter what you decide to where to your pool, or beachside, be confident and strut your “stuff”.. If you’re working hard in the gym & staying disciplined in the kitchen, then you’re well on your way to “Fit Freedom” (A place where every outcome in your mind becomes positive because you once have the will and strength to take control of your health, anything is possible!) Keep up the hard work & good luck with searching for the right “Suit” to show off your Lean and Sexy Beach Body during the last few months of Summer..)

John Fit.. (Thinking about throwing on the Weenie Bikini & Heading to the Ocean for a Refreshing Swim..)

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