Getting Lean Will Make Your Face More Attractive

(Getting in Shape Can Do Wonders For the Attractiveness of Your Face.. Larry Scott is the Cover Guy for Aqua Di Gio Cologne.. Larry Obviously Has Great Genetics, but Without Low Body Fat Levels from Exercsie & a Healthy Lifestyle, His “Look” Takes a Backseat to Less-Than-Perfect Features.. EVERYONE Has the Ability to Improve Their Appearance with Lean and Healthy Fitness..)

There are so many great things that happen when you get in shape & drop body fat levels.. First of all, reducing the risk of illness is something that has become the most important to me.. Getting lean, and looking toned used to be the biggest advantage for me to getting in shape, but its now “riding shotgun” to the health of my “ticker” (Ticker=Heart.. I’m fresh out of the gates, riding the Pun’s & Metaphors hard.. :) ) The most common theme on my site is creating a better “look” to give you more confidence, but this is never to be overshadowed by the inner-cleansing from exercise and wellness.. Scary concepts like, high blood pressure, heat attacks, & diabetes are common topics of conversation around my family dinner table, so believe me when I say, turning and burning miles on the treadmill & eating clean, natural foods is to keep me from falling victim to illnesses wrath! HOWEVER, since we’re doing all this work to detoxify our bodies & keep our heart beating like a new drum, you’ll be glad to know that your “look” is also improving.. In this post, I’m not talking specifically about your abs, or your chiseled arms, but specifically about your face.. Your face will improve dramatically by cutting body fat and getting in shape.. Everything from the sharpness in your eyes, to the overall shape of your face will improve with lower levels of body fat, tipping the scales on your attractiveness!

Attractive Eyes Hide Behind Body Fat & Unhealthy Habits.. When I’m having a conversation with anyone, I spend most of my time looking into their eyes.. The eyes can tell so much about your health.. An unhealthy, non-lean body often shows off, bloodshot or red eyes, accumulated bags under the eyes, &/or tired looking, sagging of the eyes.. These are all signs of a body & immune system that isn’t operate at its highest quality. There is no cream that can take care of this. A cream may temporarily mask this, but your best prescription for more attractive eyes, is ample internal hydration from drinking water, sunblock, & a natural, organic, lean muscle diet.. The eyes really can present so much about someones health.. Not sleeping well? Your eyes will show it sag and look tired.. Been drinking too much?? Your eyes will look dehydrated and bloodshot.. Eating too much saturated fat? The swelling and bags under your eyes from internal inflammation Columbus web design will reflect it.. Attractive, lean, healthy bodies typically have crystal clear pupils & tight, moisture-rich skin surrounding their eyes that come from hydration within the body, not lotions slapped on top of the skin .. Just how body fat makes your body sag, it has the same negative affect on your eyes.. Body fat overtime will create a sagging, lazy, droopy-the-hound dog look to your eyes that gets worse over time.. Food allergies and histamines may be keeping your eyes from looking fresh as well, and I will be posting on that later.. Many people have un-realized food allergies that they continue eating keeping them bloated & swollen looking from triggered inflammatory responses inside the body. We’ll dig into more of that detail later.. I’ve noticed that people who lose body fat and have nice lean attractive bodies, also have the most attractive eyes.. Make sense??

Your Face Shape Will Improve When you Start Cutting Body Fat.. “Beauty is in the bones”.. I heard a Dr. say that once on TV and it really is true.. Genetic bone structure determines your “frame” which is the foundation for your look, especially for your face.. I’ve seen skinny facial bone structures that look better with added LEAN mass making their face look fuller, and I’ve seen naturally round faces that look best as dry and thin as they can get it.. Remember, we want LEAN, not skinny.. Skinny sags your body and your face.. This is the effect of a Low Carb Diet (Remember the Katie Holmes Crash Low-Carb, only Lettuce & Grapefuit Eating Diet.. She’s since improved her look by probably adding more nutrients to you her diet, but that was a pretty “gaunty” & scary, skinny face..) Thin or Wide Facial Frame is all pre-determined by your genetics, but neither scenario looks best with added body fat.. Getting lean and dropping body fat with give you a tighter, stronger jaw line, that creates more shape & defined sharpness to your face that is more of an attractive look.. Also when you lose body fat, expect a bigger, brighter smile that isn’t overshadowed by puffy cheeks.. When you first lose body fat, its common for the muscles in your face & free radicals in your skin to go through a period of adjustment and re-contouring that will improve & looks better and better with time.. This is common among people who lose a lot of body fat quickly.. It’s almost as if their body suit, the skin and muscle, are a bit lagging with your new found work ethic and discipline.. Your skin will tighten & suction to the leanness in your face over time, so don’t quit working hard or eating clean because your look isn’t quite great yet.. The longer you stay lean, the more toned and balanced your chiseled face will look..

(Tom Cruise has one of the most prominent faces in Hollywood.. I’d guess he was around 10-12% Body Fat in the Pic on the Left, & around 15-17% on the Right.. Look How his Grin on the left is more attractive than his Smile on the Right.. The Smile’s Supposed to Be Better! But, Not When Puffy, Fat Cheeks are in the Way.. Also, where’d the Jawline go on the right & who invited the Extra Chin? His Square-Jaw is one of his best features, but when Body Fat Invades, You can see how it even interrupts your Smile.. Top Gun wouldn’t cast that guy on the right huh.. Tom’s $20 Million Dollar Actor When He’s Lean)

What Body Fat Level Do I Have to Reach To See A Big Improvement?? Glad you asked! Anytime you’re losing body fat, your face is improving as well.. But hence the term, body fat.. Not just weight loss.. Your focus needs to be losing only body fat & maintaining lean muscle weight.. Losing weight could mean burning muscle as well, which could lead to lack of tone in your face.. Going from 15% to 10% body fat is where the most noticeable difference in your facial appearance comes in for men.. For women, going from 25% body fat to 15-17% is the leap that makes others say, “Wow! You look amazing!” When you get that response, they’re not talking to your new abs covered underneath your shirt (although you can’t wait for them to see that too!), they’re responding to the difference in the shape of your face.. I can look at persons a face and accurately predict what their stomach looks like.. Everything from the shape of your face and how tight & toned your jawline is, to the clarity of your skin & eyes, tells the story of what’s going on inside your body.. Ridding fat off your body & keeping it off, will insure a more attractive look for your physique AND for your face..

Quick Tips to Keep Your Face Lean & Sexy..

  • Never Cut Cardio out of Your Regimen.. Muscle is Great, but at the sacrafice of Body Fat, its not worth it.. Be patient with Putting on Muscle to Stay Toned & Keep Your Face From Showing the Effects of Bulking..
  • Avoid High Saturated Fats- Saturated Fat Like Fried Food Create Inflammation in Your Body.. Good Fats Like Avocado Aid in Eliminating & Calming inflammation, which Keeps “Puffiness” Down in Your Facial Cheeks & under your eyes..
  • I Personally Avoid Dairy- If you think you may have a food allergy, start with eliminating Dairy.. Its one of the Most Common Food Groups that Cause Swelling from Histamine Reactions inside Your Body..
  • Eat High Levels of Fruits and Veggies- Not Only do Fruits and Veggies have high levels of fiber that keep fat off & metabolism burning, but they also contain nutrients to keep your skin bright & organs flushed of toxins..
  • Drink Water- Water is the best hydration for your body.. Diet Coke is not.. Drink Water to Flush Toxins, & don’t worry about Water Retention.. If sodium Levels are in check, you won’t get “Puffy” from Water Renention, but Only Look Brighter & Hydrated From the DeTox that Only Water Can Provide..

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