Great Skin Makes Lean & Toned Muscle Look Better!

(Eva Mendez is Flat-Out Gorgeous! I saw her on The Conan O’Brian Show a few nights ago, and wasn’t too impressed with her personality (She “Giggled” A Little Too Much, & Seemed A Little “Silly” For My Taste), But If There’s One Physical Attraction I Have to A Hollywood Celebrity, Here She Is! Her Clear, Exotic Skin Tone Makes Her “Look”, in My Opinion.. Look at the Way the Light Bounces Off Her.. Her.. Neck and Chest :) .. Good Skin Can You Make You Shine Like a Flower That’s Had the Perfect Amount of Sun! That Was Border-Line Poetic..)

Great muscles on irritated, dry, rough skin isn’t what we’re looking for! I continue to refer to the “look” that we’re going for, as the “Hollywood Look”.. This is a combination of lean & toned muscle, low body fat, clean cut grooming, & healthy glowing skin.. 50% of “Hollywood Look” is Glowing, Healthy Looking Skin.. Even high paid Actors & Actresses become extremely vulnerable & insecure when their skin is acting up (Note Jessica Simpson & the “Hollywood Like” narrating the Proactive Solution Commericals).. Skin care is one of those aspects of a woman’s body that is taken care of day in and day out and they shine like the sun because of it.. Have you ever seen an attractive a girl without beautiful skin? Most people look cover models & comment on their perfect teeth, great bone structure, beautiful muscle tone, but all of this is overshadowed with blotchy skin.. Why do women have to be the only ones conscious about skin care? Is it a bad thing to be a man and take care of your skin?? The guy you see on the cover of the magazine has perfect skin.. Don’t overlook this maintenance step in your daily regimen.. I had the opportunity to play a small role in a film in 2002 as a Lifeguard @ the beach.. (What a great story that goes along with how I landed the part, but I won’t go into that now.. It was Classic story of being @ the right place at the right time.. BUT, being “out there” in the mix is where opportunity is created, and it paid off big time for me..) Before I showed up to the set, I was told to bring my cleanest looking skin.. Hollywood puts a premium on actors/actresses with good skin & complexion, and its something that will trump all your hard work in the gym, if you don’t take good care of it.. To me, the most attractive women in the world are Latin, Italian, Brazilian women.. I love their exotic looks and dark hair (Just my preference), but probably the most attractive aspect of these ethnicity’s is their glowing, thick, radiant skin.. I’ve seen guys with great muscle tone be plagued by sun-damaged skin, & acne camouflaugin their hard work in the gym.. Most forms of oil based skin problems, or even dry skin such as rosacea and dermatitis are typically genetic; however, you have the ability to make this better if you want to.. I would suggest you take great care of your skin & always be conscious of what’s going on with it.. To be athletically lean without good skin, is almost moot.. Let’s look at how Men & Women can take better of their skin..

No Matter Your Situation.. You Can Make Your Skin Better.. Chronic Acne can make you back & chest look as your face, so if you’re in this Cystic Stage of Acne, I would suggest you line up an appointment with a Dermatologist.. I went through a phase late in my teens where I started to get concerned about my skin, and went to the Dermatologist and got it taken care of.. I didn’t need Accutane, but I stayed disciplined to the routine I was put on.. Retina, Hydrocortozone Cream, Accutane, whatever the case, if you need a physician to control your skin, don’t wait.. Get that help sooner, than later. Scars from not handling this stuff up front is not what you’re looking for.. With that being said, I do want to point out that the Medical Industry is as much a business, as the Internet Marketing Company I run.. Your doctor needs to prescribe medicine to you whether you need it or not.. Studies today show that some medical assistance can be doing as much harm, as good, on your body.. Unless you have Cystic Acne, I think you can calm your skin down & improve it with a few good habits.. Most problems just short of Cystic Acne are actually worsened from irritation of harsh products, picking a pimple, or overuse of moisturizer.. I use Cetaphil on my face twice a day (maybe even 3 times, if needed) as this is a fragrance free & soap free cleanser.. It’s the only thing that I will put on my face besides sunscreen.. Less is more, when it comes to skin.. The goal is to keep your skin clean & restore PH balance, not “dry out” acne, or lubricate skin.. Your skin will look the best when its “clean”.. Easy on the harsh, heavy detergents, & oil-based moisturizers.. If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest Cetaphil & cool water showers.. Heat is bad for skin.. It causes swelling, broken capillaries, and irriation.. I’m not a dermatologist, but these are things I’ve learned over the years & I’m passing them to you..

Foods Have No Effect On Your Skin?? Wrong! What You Eat, Has Everything to do With Your Complexion.. If you are in the small percentage of men or women that have skin that is unaffected by ANYTHING, then good for you! Thank Mom and Dad for this blessing.. Most people struggle to keep their skin looking great & this is more for them, not you Mr. Genetic! The foods you eat have so much to do with your skin.. Imagine what a plant looks like if it doesn’t get its Water.. It loses glowing color & shrivels up.. Imagine what a Vegetable does if it doesn’t get the proper nutrients to grow.. The skin whelps up & dies from the outside in.. Your skin is a reflection of your immune system.. I’ve seen people with extremely sensitive skin get flushed & dry out from a ceiling fan blowing on them.. You can strengthen your skin by strengthening your immune system.. Loading up on Fruits & Veggies & foods high in antioxidants will make your skin look better immediately.. Foods high in sodium (Chinese Buffet Food tastes so good to me! But I notice a huge drying in my skin from all the salt in it.. Your skin wears what’s going on inside your body..) will dry your skin out & lead to redness.. What you eat is truly the way you look! Not only do the foods you eat carve out body fat and build lean muscle, but they also paint your skin’s health in the quality of foods that you eat.. The good news is this.. The more sensitive your skin is, the more responsive it will be to improvements in your diet.. Staying away from ingredients that “Stress” your body out like, Sodium, Saturated Fat, Sugar, & Spicy Foods will also keep your Skin at ease and less “active”.. That’s the key.. You want your skin to be less active.. When it gets stressed & burned from too much sunlight, hypertension, stressful foods, or wind burn, your skin becomes active & starts trying to heal damage, making it wrinkle & turn the wrong colors.. Eat fresh, low sodium, low saturated fat, low sugar foods, less spicy foods to keep your skin from ”stressing out”..

Ways To Think About What’s Going on With Your Skin.. Again, if you’re suffering from cystic acne, medication will help this process.. However, if you’re just wanting to brighten up the color of your skin, or lose the “Redness” think about these things.. Redness is typically from irritation.. You can over-moisturize leading to Redness, or dry your skin out leading to Redness.. Your skin will look best when its “Clean”.. For me, this Dallas web design means cool water (not even warm) & Cetaphil (No-fragrance or grainy stuff that scratches my skin.. You want to clean your face without stressing it out in the process..) If you have Oily Skin, eliminate greasy oily foods.. If you have dry skin, amp up the water and fats.. Your skin tells the story.. Its just reacting to what you’re doing to it.. The worst thing you could do to your skin is pick and scratch it.. I’m not a fan of abrasive exfoliates, or squeezing pimples.. Leave your skin alone.. Just keep it clean!

(Jonathon Ryhs Myers & Jerod Leto are two guys in Hollywood that Get Their Fair Share of “Double-Takes” from the Ladies & High Paying Roles.. I wanted to post these pics up because notice how they have very Fair-Toned, Irish Skin.. They aren’t tanned, but don’t need to be because their skin is clear & clean.. Too many Guys & Gals Bask in the Sun Looking for A Tan when Their Genetic Skin just Burns & Looks Worse.. You Can’t make Fair Skin, Tan (Naturally).. Stay Out of the Sun! Focus on Clear, Clean Skin & Let the Nutrients from the Quality Food You Eat & Water You Drink, Bring Out Your Best-Looking Skin Tone)

Eating “Good Fats” are Very Important Pieces to Good Skin Care.. My skin went from good to great as soon as I started eating the Avocados everyday.. Water is by the far the best thing in the world for hydrating your skin & nothing can trump its benefits.. Every living organism needs water, right.. Your skin is alive.. Without gallons of water, it won’t look its best.. However, Foods such as lean meats, nuts, avocados, & fish oils are GREAT for your skin.. They supply hydration & suppressive therapies to free radical damage (The type of damage that makes your skin look worse than it really is..) I’ve always said the most important thing that is left out of a “Muscle Building” program is Good Fats.. Notice how my last post “The Paleolithic Diet” is loaded with Good Fats.. Some muscle building diets & the FDA call for 30% of your calories to come from good fats.. If you “amp-up” your Good Fats, you’ll notice the brightness & glow come back to your skin even before the improvements in your muscles! Very few Americans are eating enough Good Fats, but its imperative for Clear Skin with a Healthy Color..

John Fit’s Tips for Hollywood Skin..

  • If you have Cystic Acne, See a Dermatologist.. Don’t Wait.. Get this Under Control.. You Want Healthy, Attractive Skin..
  • Drink Water, Drink Water, Drink Water.. Then.. Take a Sip of Water.. Flood your body with Water.. This will “lean up” your body and flush your skin with Hydration!
  • Stop picking, squeezing, or using products that scratch your skin.. Don’t Stress Out Your Skin.. Don’t even touch your skin..
  • Avoid Foods that are Spicy, High in Sodium, High Sugar, High in Saturated Fats..
  • Quit Smoking, Today.. Nothing Good comes from the “Cancer Sticks”.. Especially, Attractive Skin
  • Wear Sunscreen! No-Brainer.. Melanoma & Melasma are not Attractive..
  • Keep Your Face Clean.. The only thing I put on my face is Sunscreen & that’s only when I’m outside.. I think most women wear too much makeup.. The most attractive women I’ve ever seen are the most beautiful without the Clown Face..
  • Don’t Use Products that Have Too Much Fragrance.. This is like eating foods with additives & preservatives.. Part of keeping your face Clean is keeping all the “Smelly-Stuff” off..
  • Raise Your “Good Fats”.. Your Skin Will Improve Dramatically When Feed it A little Good Fat.. I keep my “Good Fats to No-Less than 20% & Raise it to 33% when I’m putting on Muscle..
  • Exercise & Do Cardio.. I won’t ever run to complete Exhaustion, but Cardio does circulate blood and will aid in Free Radical Damage..
  • Take Another Sip of Water..

I don’t claim to be a Dermatologist, but I’ve always been very conscious of taking care of myself.. Having good looking skin is a vital sign of Health.. Heart rate goes up, skin shows it.. You get upset or stressed, skin reflects it.. You eat well (Free of Sodium, Simple Sugar, Processed Carbs, & Saturated Fats), drink water, & exercise to get the blood flowing your skin is bright, tight, & healthy.. Remember, your skin is your presentation of your health.. Low body fat & all the muscles in the world doesn’t look as impressive, as that package with gorgeous skin.. We’ve never seen a model without beautiful skin, so work on yours to be more attractive & healthy.. Clean up the habits and be conscious as to what your putting in your body because your wearing those habits on your skin..

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