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Fri, Jun 19, 2009

Reader Spotlight

(This Young John Fit Reader works hard to stay lean & has a great look.. I like promoting my readers progress & success, especially when they have a physique we talk so much about here @ JohnFit.COM.. This is the type of the “Look” you’ll see in GQ Magazine.. No More Overgrown Muscle & Beefy arms! This Reader Has the Right Idea in the Gym & the Kitchen..)

I don’t ever want to pass up the opportunity to put my stamp on hard work & dedication for staying in shape and looking great.. I was just talking to one of my buddies in the gym tonight and we’re amazed at the number of people that aren’t concerned with their health. Looking great & feeling attractive is most definitely a nice goal to have when scheduling your regimen, but I honestly feel if you train & diet to have the “cleanest body on the block”, your attractivenss will fall into place.. The reality of my theme here is, the most attractive looking people have the strongest immune systems & healthiest bodies from exercise and healthy diet.. Trying to pull together an attractive physique without having a natural & pure lifestyle is like trying to cram the circle in the square peg.. It isn’t going to happen! Think clean, lean, & heart healthy with everything you put into your body & your physique will tighten up..

I like to stay in touch with my readers.. I have developed a nice “pen-pal” friendship with a many of you, and I really do appreciate that.. I think the fact that your researching how to get in shape, & take care of yourself puts you in that top 10% of humans on this planet that want to look and feel great.. It takes more than wanting something to accomplish anything, & the fact that you guys spend time reading my “stuff” makes me realize you’re willing to research and work for results.. We’re the elite group of people that will live the longest, sleep the best at night, make the most positive decisions, & look the best @ the Corporate Christmas Party. I applaud you for making the commitment to change & improve.

This “John Fit” reader & I have developed a nice little friendship.. He works hard, eats clean, and is obviously a very disciplined individual.. I can imagine this is the type of guy that makes good grades, and probably won’t have a problem being successful at anything he does, post college.. We’ve emailed each other a number of times, as he’s taken strong interest in my site, and after seeing some of his pictures, I wanted to spread his regimen to all of you, and show off his results.. I’m constantly seeing too many bodybuilding interviews in “Meathead” bodybuilding magazines, so my interviews will only promote lean, attractive, natural looking physiques.. These are the athletically looking, model-type bodies that JohnFit.COM approves.. Let’s see what he does to look & feel great..

What’s Your Age, Height, and Weight? (Weight in the photos) 20 years old. 6’1 & I weigh about 175 lbs. (Great Weight for a Young Physique @ 6’1″)

Where do you live/attend school? Mid/northeaster Ohio……lots of Amish around where I live (Love the Amish Side Note..)

What’s Your Current Diet? I try to eat a lot of protein (chicken, fish, turkey mostly), lots of vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, carrots, salad mostly), some fruits (apples and grapefruit), I try to limit carbs (whole grain cereals..sometimes oatmeal) & some healty fats (almonds..peanuts/peanut butter) ….. I don’t always eat this strict 24/7 but I try to eat healthy most of the time…. My favorite cheat food is ice cream (I don’t blame him!)

What’s Your Workout Plan & strategy with your workout? I lift weights 3-4 days a week doing supersets.. Biceps/triceps/traps/calves one day, chest/back one Seattle web design day, legs/shoulders one day… I do my abs 2-3 days a week and I do cardio for a little bit after lifting (Even if you’re naturally thin, continue to do some form of cardio to keep body fat off..)

What are your goals? Getting my degree and then entering the modeling industry….and then eventually start my own business of some sort (Nice goals & he does have a model look.. I’m an entrepenuer myself, so I like the idea he’s willing to take some risk & do what he likes by starting his own business.. Very disciplined & Independent to be Only 20 yrs old.. Reminds me of my own greatness! ha)

If you could model for any designer, who would it be?

technology coursework

Hmmmmm…..i don’t know there are so many I guess….. I’ll say Jean Paul Gaultier…I like his name and im obsessed w/ his cologne le male

What Do You Like About JohnFit.COM?? (Favorite Type of Article Content..) I like all the info… I like the content on getting lean w/ muscle

John Fit Analysis.. This look is very “high fashion” trendy & common on the runway.. He probably comes from very thin genetics & battles more with putting on muscle, than getting fat.. Great problem to have! His look is perfect for sleek, Calvin Klein, Versace style clothing that fits tight to the body (As Seen in the Photos..) Notice how he’s not that Big.. Big, & Bulky is Out! Lean and Slim is in.. I like the leanness here.. This Reader is only 20 yrs. old so he still has some growing & “Filling Out” to do.. I wouldn’t change a thing about this regimen.. Between the ages of 18-26, your body will naturally start filling and bone structure settling into final growth stages.. Young fitness enthusiasts shouldn’t bulk.. You will look better in your mid twenties and thirties, if you focus on staying lean and toned now.. You have the rest of your life to Put on added size.. Keep body fat off for now.. When you’re lean with low body fat, even a shaved head can look really attractive & you look good any type of clothing.. Remember the infamous Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) in “Fight Club”? He wakes up in the morning & looks good in the robe walking around the kitchen.. He looks good with weird pants on & a really tight shirt that doesn’t even cover his entire stomach.. He even looks cool in a Retro Suit, “Bed Head”, shaved head, Long Hair, No Head! (Whoa.. I didn’t mean that.. The Head Needs to Stay).. When you’re lean, anything you put on, that isn’t too big & sloppy, looks great because of your lean/attractive physique.. This is the type of guy you see in the magazine, & the type of guy girls like to touch in bed.. This is a good look to strive for..

Guys & Girls, if you’re in great shape, or have lost a substantial amount of weight and have a “Fit” success story to tell, send me some pictures & let’s do a quick interview.. I love seeing results and don’t want you to hesitate in broadcasting your progress! Let’s show off your body & tell people your regimen for looking so great.. This site is about a better you.. Email me at //

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and let’s let the world in on your “Fit” secret & broadcast your look.. Who knows?? Maybe John Fit will put your pictures in front of a Talent Agency & Your Look Could be Discovered! :)

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