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Well.. Our new site is finally here, and we’re excited about its growth.. Our “Fit Space” has already enrolled a number of guys and gals, & we see continued prosperity on the forefront.. Our Fitness Forumns have played host to a number of great conversations on working out, diet, & anything else that feeds our individual curiousities on how to get lean and toned.. The site is really hopping & I would encourage all of you to register for our “Fit Space” program, for nothing more than to have capabilities to comment in our Fitness Forumns and communicate with other members.. I’m already seeing a number of attractive bodies and great looking people with very outgoing & interesting personalities getting involved in the communication sectors, & its exactly what we hoped for.. The registration is very easy, & we’d love to have you.. I’m also doing most of my commenting & Q&A’s in the Fitness Forumns & Fit Space now, so Register through the quick process, & I’ll look forward to spending more time with you..

Lately, my workout and diet have been point blank on getting lean as I’ve been feeding my body nothing short of foods that are congruent with keeping my body fresh and toned.. These foods are low in sodium, saturated fat, & sugar.. My workouts have been very intense which is keeping athletic muscle on me, but also fat off of me (So there’s my Fitness Update.. Nothing Fancy).. As I continue to grow & develop with my body, I’m constantly eliminating strategies that don’t work for my body, & hanging on to the strategies that my body’s success can’t live without.. Along with these Tucson web design strategies comes conclusions, and then they metamorph into heavy opinions on how to achieve this type of body we all know as “Lean & Toned”.. I want to share a few of my Fitness Convictions with you in this post.. These are just some of the random thoughts I have with getting in shape and looking great.. These “John Fit” Principles are in no particular order, but do represent things I feel to be True in “Getting Fit” Mentally and Physically.. I am a thinker.. I’m the guy that Looks Deep into Life & “Things” because I’m always Wondering Why Things Are, the Way They Are.. What Do Successful People Have in Common? Is it a Strategy or Just Flat Out UnParalleled Discipline that Take them to the Top? I like Psychology & understanding all the idiosincricies that Come Along With it. But, questioning Things can often be Dangerous by keeping you on the sidelines (mentally) while You Should Be Checked Into the Game & Making Things Happen.. However, at the right time its good to reflect & we all have principles and realities that shape the way we see the world.. Here’s a few of my truths & convicted thoughts.. I understand much of what I think here may be controversial, & some things may seem to be clichique.. None-the-less, these are some thoughts on Life, tied in to Fitness..

Most people can immediately improve their image & self-esteem by losing body fat.. (I’ve never seen anyone look & feel better overweight than lean)

There is a big difference in losing weight & losing body fat.. (I like losing Body Fat but not too much weight)

It IS possible to gain muscle, & Lose Fat at the same time.. (It just takes patience and calculated dieting)

75% of the way you look, is due to the foods that you eat.. (Even Near-Perfect Genetics Can’t Trump a Bad Diet Forever)

The Most Highly-Nominated “Attractive” Bodies are between 7-11% Body Fat for Men, & 11-15% Body Fat for Women.. (Just My Opinion)

When a Man’s Body Fat Goes Below 7% Body Fat, this Can be hard on the Immune System (Not Very Healthy & Can Make the Face Look “Too Thin” & Actually Worsen Your Looks.. This is very common among Ectomorphsl..)

Men: Your Most Attractive “Look” is Probably @ 8.5-9% Body Fat with Only an Average Amount of Muscle. (This is where your clothes will Look the best on your Frame & Your Beach Body will Be the Most Shaped..)

When You Look Big & Bulky, It May Show You Care Too Much About Growing Your Muscles, and Not Enough About Growing Your Mind.. Is This Why They’re Called Meatheads? (Lifting Weights is a Good Thing, But Overeating & Lack of Cardio to Grow Huge Muscle Isn’t a Strategy for a Polished Look..)

Most Women Aren’t Attracted to Big Muscles that Bust out of Shirts.. They Like Nice Abs & Long, Lean, Slim, Athletic Bodies. (You”ve maybe heard me say this before)

Unfortunately, The Way You Look Does Matter When it Comes to Relationships, Sex, & Business. Attractive Looks Receive More Benefits in the Beginning.. (Take Care of Yourself..)

After Attractive Looks Get Your Foot in the Door, You Better Have Something Upstairs or You’ll Be Cast Aside.. (Looks are Important, but Intelligence & Creativity will Trump it in the Long Run)

A Recent Men’s Health Poll Shows 86% of Women Would Rather Be With a Creative Man that Has little Wealth, than a Wealthy Man with No Creativity.. (Wealthy & Creative! That’s the Ticket!)

Carbs Are NOT the Enemy.. Sugar Is! (You’ve Heard this Before)

The Winner Typically is the One Who’s Willing to Sacrafice the Most to Have What They Wanted.. (Drop the Excessive Cheat Meals.. Get Ahead By Cheating Less..)

The Leanest Bodies Have the Fastest Metabolisms.. (Work to Make Your Metabolism Faster)

The Most Important Thing YOu Can Do For Your Workout is.. Change It.. (YOur Body Adapts Quicker Than You Think..)

The Most Important Thing You can Do To Increase Your Intelligence is.. Read.. (Understanding Language & Words Refines Your Communication & Improves Intelligence)

Stress is by Far Has the Most Toxic Effect on Your Body. (Teach Yourself to Relax & Calm Down)

The Best Way to Make Friends is.. Make People Feel Good About Themselves.. (Be Nice. Nobody Really Likes the Bully)

Stop Looking in the Mirror So Much.. (Some of the MOst Insecure People I’ve Ever Met, Constantly Look at Themselves in the Mirror & Start to Only See Flaws)

Confidence is.. Doing What You Enjoy, Being Who You Are, & Unaffected by Others Negative Perceptions.. (Most People Aren’t Comfortable With Who They Really Are.. Don’t be that Guy)

If YOu Aren’t Passionate About What You’re Doing, You Won’t Do it Well.. (Fall in love with the Process of Working out & Eating Right & the Results will Come)

I hope everyone is well and pluggin along at life.. Fitness is such a stress reliever for me & as I”ve mentioned in the past, is as much mental as it is physical.. I have the most confidence when I’m in shape & feel clean, so the root of my success stems my diet and workout routine.. I am going to stay on top of my workout and diet as this is an integral part of my success in anything because when I feel confident & healthy, I perform better at everthing.. Sorry for the “Deep Thoughts”, but wanted to open up some of the my associations between Between & Life.. I have so much of this stuff floating around in my mind that this will be Volume 1.. I’ll talk to you soon..

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John Fit.. (Off to the gym for Cardio & Abs)


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