Michael Phelps & Dara Torres.. Lean and Toned Olympians

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(The Olympics Always Remind Me of Michelangelo’s Statue of David.. Strong, Lean, Toned & Clean.. These Olympic Athletes Represent Some of the Most Functionally Fit Bodies in the World..)

The Olympics are well underway, almost complete I suppose, and a few new fitness realities have set in for me.. #1- Michael Phelps is a man among boys.. #2 Dana Torres is inspiringly sexy for the age 40 & over fitness crowd.. and the 40 & under fitness crowd.. ha.. #3 I need to step up my workouts intensity after watching these Grade A athletes showing off their functionally-advanced bodies.. This is really the first Olympic Games that I’ve paid close attention too.. In 2004, I was finishing up my tenure @ FSU, so I was more interested in wrapping up classes & where the next party was being held.. Now, after being involved with John Fit, and focusing on taking my body from Good to Great, I’m watching all of the competitions from Gymnastics to Synchronized Swimming.. A few words that sum up what I’m witnessing out of these athletes would be, focus, discipline, & sacrifice.. To see the emotion that comes with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat paints the picture of years in preparation to get to this point.. I’ve applied a few lessons learned from these Olympic athletes and applied them to my workout as well as my business.. I can’t help but be inspired in all realms of life from what’s going on in Beijing.. These athletes have been totally committed for the past 4 years to perfecting their craft, and to compete in this venue I’m sure is rewarding in itself, without a Gold Medal hanging from the neck. But 8 GOLD MEDALS! We gotta talk about this guy Michael Phelps.. Did I see a dorsal fin on his back? Dana Torres! 40-years old and leaner & functionally more fit than her 22 year old teammates & competitors!?!? Wow.. My 2 highlighted “Fitness” inspiring Olympians are Michael Phelps and Dara Torres.. Let’s talk about it..

(Michael Phelps has an Extremely Fast Metabolism.. This Isn’t Always Genetic, so Learning What These Guys Do to Have that “Swimmers Body” Can Be Good to Implement into Your Workout.. Swimming Doesn’t Burn Quite the Amount of Calories of Running, but More Than Biking..)

Michael Phelps Eats 12,000 Calories a Day.. And Noted As Having Only 4% Body Fat.. The next time you hear that a low cal diet is the way to get lean, think about Michael Phelps.. 12,000 calories a day! That’s 20 Big Macs.. 5 Pizzas.. 30 of my Berry Blast Protein Shakes.. This guy is a human garbage can (One of those Big Industrial Garbage Cans at that..).. I won’t doubt that Michael has days where he doesn’t eat the 12,000, but do you think there are days when he actually eats more? The bottom line is, even if that 12,000 he quoted on NBC is exaggerated, the guys metabolism is flying at the speed of light, and he isn’t gaining fat from all the calories because of it.. He was noted as only having 4% body fat, but think that’s a stretch.. He looks more like 7-8% to me because I’ve seen 4, and it looks leaner and tighter the he is.. But none-the-less, the guy’s lean! Michael’s cardio workouts, consisting of hours in the pool, have Houston web design fed this metabolism & all the calories actually keep his metabolism burning fast well.. This guy is my new template example of high energy in vs. high energy out to get lean and be functionally fit.. Low Cal diets are not the route to quality fat loss.. Increasing energy outputs with more cardio, longer cardio, & running instead of walking, are all ways to fire up your metabolism & cut out body fat..

Michael Phelps just recently began lifting weights.. Does Michael Phelps have big muscles? No.. He has lean muscle that is more attractive muscle than big muscles on big body builders.. Unless you’re extremely ectomorphic and really skinny, you probably don’t need to be pounding the weights 5 days a week.. Look at Michael Phelps and you’ll see that swimming is enough resistance to shape your muscle, without overdevelopment.. This is the same principle that says cardio is all the leg work your leg muscles need.. Squats and leg presses can overdevelop your leg muscles, the same as mindless barbell curls can overdevelop your arms and make you muscle bound.. I think swimming has a similar effect on muscle shaping as performing resistance training with workout “bands”.. Putting on tons of muscle may be your goal, and is what some skinny guys & gals need, but pounding the weights 5-6 days week can lead to a bodybuilding physique.. To get lean & look “long”, focus on cardio & minimal weight lifting..

 Dara Torres Fitness Gold Medalist (Dara Torres.. How Many Guys Would Like To Have a Body LIke This?? Probably More Than a Few..)

Dara Torres.. What a body! This girl has inspired me the most.. I watched an ESPN special on her after she qualified for Beijing, and since then I’ve become a huge fan of her workout & diet.. Women’s bodies take twice the effort & discipline to shape up and “lean out” than do mens bodies.. With a lack of testosterone & natural water/fat retaining characteristics a females body takes precise clean eating & intense cardiovascular & resistance training to show off a lean attractive shape.. Plus Dara has 2 children! (I give Big Bonus Points for getting lean post Children..)For Dara to look like this @ 41 years of age, convinces me she has the lean & toned formula nailed down!

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 Dara Torres Maxim Magazine Dara Torres Lean and Hot (Lean and Toned is Sexy.. Dara Reminds Me of Drago’s Wife from Rocky 4.. Tall, Lean, & Sexy.. Her Committment and Dedication to Staying Fit has Propelled Her to Glory @ The Olympic Venue.. I Noticed Many Female & Male Swimmers Looking a Little Soft and Pudgy, but Dara’s Fit Body @ Agr 41 Still “Blows the Other Girls Out of the Water”..)

Dara’s Workout Is a Great Model for Girl’s & GUYS Looking to Get Lean and Toned.. These days take more from the workout of a female that’s in great shape, than a muscle-bound male that’s on the cover of Bodybuilding Magazine spreading his Gross Looking Lats! Dara’s Body is balanced, functionally excellent, & in my opinion, the epitome of lean and toned.. Here’s What Her Workout Consists of:

A lot of Core Work on a Swiss Ball (Sufers Like Laird Hamilton Use the Swiss Ball in their workouts.. This is a Perfect Tool For Creating Balance & Harmony in Your Muscles.. The Swiss Ball is insurance against overdevelopment because if the core can’t support the weight you’re lifting, its too heavy for now..)

In the Weight Room She Focuses on Equipment That Works Many Muscles at Once.. (Compound Movements as Opposed to Isolating Bodybuilding Bicep Movements..)

Dara Lifts 4 Days Week for 1.5 Hours per session.. 2 Days Upper Body, 2 Days Lower Body! (John Fit Endorsed Split..)

She is in the Pool from 8am-10am 5 Days/Week.. 2 Hours of Cardio.. (We Don’t all have the time for this, but the rule of thumb is, she’s spending twice as much per week doing cardio, than hitting the weights.. Lean comes with Cardiovascular Strength..)

Dara Has a Resistive Stretching Routine She Does 3 Days/Week.. (I Will Be Writing Soley About the Importance of Stretching to Looking and Long and Lean.. Stretching is Very Important in Staying Limber)

 Dara Torres Fit

(You Don’t Need to Cut Alot of Calories to Trim Body Fat, as Seen by Dara’s Diet.. Raising Your Activity & Energy Output Daily Will Allow You to Take in Clean Calories For Lean Muscle Tone, While Still Cutting Bodyfat and Slimming Down..)

Daras Eats.. Eats.. Eats.. & Then Eats Again..

Dara Says.. “I eat what I want, when I want, but I exercise so I can do that.” See an overlapping trend here with Michael Phelps.. If you are doing cardio with loyalty, then you can get away with eating a lot of food.. I doubt Dara is eating Pizza everyday, & neither is Michael.. As a matter of fact, Dara says her breakfast consists of a Protein Shake of Berries, Milk, Fruit, Protein Mix.. She also says lean protein is a huge source in her diet.. Dara Eats A LOT of healthy foods.. She doesn’t cut calories, but also doesn’t eat junk food.. I know that’s vague, but there’s no secret to looking great like she does.. She does 10-15 hours of cardio/week, and resistance trains for 5-7 hours/week.. Maybe you don’t have the time for this regimen, but look at this way, if you can just squeeze in 4 hours of cardio/week, and 1.5 hours of resistance training per week, then your body will tighten up! It may take longer to look as good as Daras, but improvement is what we’re looking for here..

We’re learning nothing new here I know, but its becoming more apparent that the faster your metabolism, then the more calories you can get away with eating.. Eating a lot of nutritious food, mixed with increased activity during your day will lead to your best lean and toned look.. Notice the lack of isolated weight training in these athletes.. They have lean and sharp muscle, but not puffy and bulkyness.. You would be surprised at how lean and thin Mike Phelps looks in person.. I’ve been really inspired from these Olympic games and will continue to refine my workout to keep my body as lean and toned as I can get it.. I like the way lean and toned looks and feels on my frame.. These 2 athletes were great models for me in reexamining my stratey in maintaining a Lean and Toned Fit Body..

What Olympian or Other “Fitness” Inspiration Have You Been Following These Days?

John Fit.. (Ran This Morning, but Passing on the Weights Tonight and Running Again..)


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