Oatmeal & Avacado.. Top Foods on Your "Get Lean" Menu!

Fri, Jun 19, 2009


(Muscle Chow, written by Men’s Health Gregg Avedon, is one of my favorite “Eat for Lean Muscle” books that endorses Avocados & Oatmeal as a Paramount Addition to Building a Lean Physique.. Gregg is noted as having his own children already hooked on unsweetened Oatmeal..)

buy a essay online if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link82969″).style.display=”none”;} In my opinion, the BIGGEST piece of any fitness regimen is your diet.. You can work out all day & know all the tricks to lifting weights for muscle, but if you’re not eating correctly, you will never “lean-up”.. However, I’ve actually seen many people who never touch the weights, but eat very clean, and they have great bodies.. As I’ve mentioned before, you look the way you eat.. If you eat a lot of sugars & junk food, your body will operate lethargically and look sloppy like melting ice cream on a hot day (Melting Ice Cream is Pretty sloppy, right?? Ok.. Good.. Thanks!) 90% of the bodies in my gym lack a foundation of muscle.. Don’t confuse a big body with a muscular one.. Many big bodies are so swollen & inflamed with body fat that you actually get the San Diego web design idea that they are carrying some muscle underneath that fat.. But, if you touch their arms, shoulders, or back, your finger will penetrate the soft tissue and go straight the bone.. We need to build that foundation of muscle to create the “hardness” piece of the get lean puzzle.. You won’t find a lean body that doesn’t come with rock solid, hard lean tissue.. No matter if we’re overweight and trying to lose body fat, or skinny and trying to put on muscle, we need to lay a foundation of muscle to have a “toned” look.. In this post I’m going to talk about my 2 All-Star


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