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Fri, May 24, 2013

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how to talk to women

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I hope you all are well! Please message, comment or email any information or questions you have regarding!

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John Fit is coming back at you stronger than ever!

Mon, Nov 1, 2010


Yes, I’ve been out of the website game for a while but it’s only because I was concentrating on my fitness. I felt a little selfish keeping my fitness tips to only my buddies and gym rat friends so I’m coming back stronger than ever, and will be keeping my fellow John Fitters up to date with the latest fitness tips and lifestyle tips.

Just to hold all you guys and girls over for another couple of days till I re-work the theme of this site Tulsa web design, I’ve posted a couple pictures for you to look at and get motivated.

For the Guys!

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For the Ladies

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Cheat Meals! While Still Remaining "Lean and Toned"

Wed, Oct 27, 2010

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Ice Cream Fitness (Haha.. This Guy Looks Like He’s Been Eating More Ice Cream than Running.. Talk About Cheating!?! He Couldn’t Even Wait Till He Was Done Running to “Hit Up” The Ice Cream Stand..This May Be His First Marathon, but His Form Looks Great! )

What a long week its been! Between work, chasing the kids around, or girls around (depending on what phase of life you’re in..) & getting into the gym, its finally the weekend & the grill is fired up! Now, if you’re a disciplined eater and conscious about taking care of your lean body, then you’re already second-guessing the decision to pig out.. How much salt is in the food their cooking? How much sugar is in all the stuff people are reaching for? These are the questions that often float through my mind, when I’m not eating at home, but lets be honest.. No one wants the scrutiny & negative attention from looking too straight-edge with your diet, at the party.. So, the question is.. Do I cheat & pig out on foods I shouldn’t normally eat? Or do I be strong and “turn the other Lean Cheek”? Let’s “dig in” and figure this out..

How Often Are You Eating Clean, & Do You Deserve A Cheat Meal I’ve said a number of times that if you can eat clean 90% of the time, your body will make leaps and bounds of progress and it should only take a few months to transform your body.. The reality of it is, MOST people don’t eat clean and they have very little discipline in the kitchen.. Look around your gym.. How many people are actually boasting a low body fat percentage? My gym is full of guys who grunt and groan to push up the heavy weight, but they have higher body fat percentages because they’re not eating correctly.. I see many people who are performing consistent amounts of cardio, but still don’t have a flat stomach.. 80% of the way you look, is a reflection of the way you eat.. Your body won’t get better or get worse after one meal.. Its my believe that whatever you’re doing the most consistently will shine through in your appearance.. If you’re not eating clean, organic foods more than foods that are high in sodium, saturated fat, & sugar, then you’re body will not make struggle to improve..

Genetics Play an Important Part of this Decision.. The winner of the title is the one who is usually willing to sacrifice the most to get what they want.. If your genetics are staged to hold body fat, more like an endomorph, then you may even look like a cheater, when you only cheated a couple of times.. While on the other hand, an ectomorph will obviously be able to eat what they want and only grow lean mass because of it.. I’ve seen many endomorphs get lean and look amazing because their genetics blend beautiful dense bones, with lean strong muscle mass.. However, it takes a very high amount of disciplined to get to this point.. Limiting cheat meals is a good idea for a big-boned, body fat retaining type of physique.. Don’t kid yourself here.. If you’re serious about getting in shape and you’re holding body fat, eating that pizza is couterproductive & your body will show the effects of it..

Cheat Meals “Rev-Up” Your Metabolism?? I Don’t BUY it! Yadie Yadie Yada!! Your metabolism is a reflection of the type of foods that your body is ingesting, & the activities your performing.. I don’t SUBSCRIBE to that fact that my body’s metabolism is benefiting more from eating pizza & chips, than sticking to chicken and vegetables.. No doubt, there’s types of “good” bacteria in these trashy foods that can provide a temporary aid to your immune system, but weighing your digestive system down with heavy fats & high sugars isn’t congruent with losing body fat, at any time.. If you’re focused on losing body fat, clean calories should be what you’re putting in your body MOST of the time..

 Ben Stiller is Lean and Fit

I Went to See “Tropic Thunder” Starring Ben Stiller over the Labor Day Weekend.. Ben is Definitely One of My Favorite Comedic Actors of All Time.. He’s Pretty Hilarious, but What I’ve Been Noticing Lately is How Lean & Toned He Looks.. He’s Not a Big Guy, But His Physique Seems to Get Better as he Ages.. Ben is a Good Example of How Average Looks Can Improve Tremendously, When You Drop Body Fat & Get In Shape..)

Look at Lean, Caveman Bodies.. Take Note of Most Medieval Physiques.. What Were They Eating ALL the Time?? You can’t deny that your body, really is a cut and dry machine.. If you’re suffering from a Thyroid Condition, or any Genetic Illness that attacks the Immune System, then only a Doctor Should be Advising your on what to eat.. But, if you look at these lean & hard Medieval bodies, they lived off fresh Game Meat & Vegetables.. Their bodies were fat burning furnaces because they were active all day & had no sugar or additives/preservatives in their diet.. If it didn’t Run, Walk, Grow, &/or Respond to Sunlight, it wasn’t even on the Medieval Menu.. Take Notes of these cultures and apply what you can learn..

Now Let’s Get Serious.. Unfortunately, You Have to Satisfy that Craving.. I like the model of eating really clean (lean meats, vegetables, & fresh Fruit.. Pretty much any food that doesn’t contain sodium, sugar, or high amounts of Saturated Fats..) 90% of the time.. I eat around 4-5 meals a day, so it is conceivable that I could have a cheat meal every 2-3 days.. However, I WANT To stay lean.. I love looking & feeling great.. As I get older, I see many people jumping off the “Lean” boat, and it makes me feel even stronger and healthier that I’m sticking to my commitments.. I love the feeling when I get looked at twice.. I love when my girlfriend touches my body… I love breathing well, sleeping deep, and having a healthy blood pressure & heart beat.. I can’t wait to take my shirt off!!! Because of all of these reasons, and I could name 100 more, I eat clean, organic foods & I’ll do it forever.. But unfortunately, I was fed Pizza & Ice Cream just enough when I was little, that my taste buds now quiver with joy right before that first bite of junk food.. McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers melt in my mouth like a hot donut.. I DESPISE the way I feel when I’m done eating this food, but in that beginning moment, I’m in heaven..Fort Collins web design SO, if I can stick to eating clean all week (not one cheat meal, with an occasional glass or two of red wine at night..) & not missing one of my cardio sessions, I will eat whatever my heart desires twice over the weekend, whenever I choose to do it.. I typically eat pizza till I feel sick & ice cream till my stomach burns with ache, but I guarantee that when its over & Monday rolls around, I have truly satisfied my craving & I don’t need it.. One of even two meals isn’t going to make or break your phsique (I’m a Mesomorph by the way) as long as you’re disciplined MOST of the time (I call “Most” 90% of the time..).. However, we all know, the longer you stay clean & off the junk foods, the quicker your body will change.. No doubt there..

Summary on Cheat Meals I don’t think cheat meals are bad, and they can actually supply your body with “good” bacteria that you may be missing from clean eating over time.. I avoid dairy completely during the week because I have an allergy to those foods, but when I eat that pizza over the weekend, my body is supplied with the necessary bacteria from the cheese that I need.. I don’t feel great after I eat it, but I think there’s a little “good” in taking in this type of food once in a long while.. However, if you’re trying to cut body fat & tighten up your body to look like a Stud Statue, I suggest eating clean 90% of the time..

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John Fit.. (Let Me Know How/If You Guys/Gals Cheat.. I noticed that most people are either Sugar-Fiends, or Salt-Fiends.. I’m a Sugar-Fiend Myself.. I love Sweets..)


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Michael Phelps & Dara Torres.. Lean and Toned Olympians

Fri, Jun 19, 2009

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micheal pheolps

(The Olympics Always Remind Me of Michelangelo’s Statue of David.. Strong, Lean, Toned & Clean.. These Olympic Athletes Represent Some of the Most Functionally Fit Bodies in the World..)

The Olympics are well underway, almost complete I suppose, and a few new fitness realities have set in for me.. #1- Michael Phelps is a man among boys.. #2 Dana Torres is inspiringly sexy for the age 40 & over fitness crowd.. and the 40 & under fitness crowd.. ha.. #3 I need to step up my workouts intensity after watching these Grade A athletes showing off their functionally-advanced bodies.. This is really the first Olympic Games that I’ve paid close attention too.. In 2004, I was finishing up my tenure @ FSU, so I was more interested in wrapping up classes & where the next party was being held.. Now, after being involved with John Fit, and focusing on taking my body from Good to Great, I’m watching all of the competitions from Gymnastics to Synchronized Swimming.. A few words that sum up what I’m witnessing out of these athletes would be, focus, discipline, & sacrifice.. To see the emotion that comes with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat paints the picture of years in preparation to get to this point.. I’ve applied a few lessons learned from these Olympic athletes and applied them to my workout as well as my business.. I can’t help but be inspired in all realms of life from what’s going on in Beijing.. These athletes have been totally committed for the past 4 years to perfecting their craft, and to compete in this venue I’m sure is rewarding in itself, without a Gold Medal hanging from the neck. But 8 GOLD MEDALS! We gotta talk about this guy Michael Phelps.. Did I see a dorsal fin on his back? Dana Torres! 40-years old and leaner & functionally more fit than her 22 year old teammates & competitors!?!? Wow.. My 2 highlighted “Fitness” inspiring Olympians are Michael Phelps and Dara Torres.. Let’s talk about it..

(Michael Phelps has an Extremely Fast Metabolism.. This Isn’t Always Genetic, so Learning What These Guys Do to Have that “Swimmers Body” Can Be Good to Implement into Your Workout.. Swimming Doesn’t Burn Quite the Amount of Calories of Running, but More Than Biking..)

Michael Phelps Eats 12,000 Calories a Day.. And Noted As Having Only 4% Body Fat.. The next time you hear that a low cal diet is the way to get lean, think about Michael Phelps.. 12,000 calories a day! That’s 20 Big Macs.. 5 Pizzas.. 30 of my Berry Blast Protein Shakes.. This guy is a human garbage can (One of those Big Industrial Garbage Cans at that..).. I won’t doubt that Michael has days where he doesn’t eat the 12,000, but do you think there are days when he actually eats more? The bottom line is, even if that 12,000 he quoted on NBC is exaggerated, the guys metabolism is flying at the speed of light, and he isn’t gaining fat from all the calories because of it.. He was noted as only having 4% body fat, but think that’s a stretch.. He looks more like 7-8% to me because I’ve seen 4, and it looks leaner and tighter the he is.. But none-the-less, the guy’s lean! Michael’s cardio workouts, consisting of hours in the pool, have Houston web design fed this metabolism & all the calories actually keep his metabolism burning fast well.. This guy is my new template example of high energy in vs. high energy out to get lean and be functionally fit.. Low Cal diets are not the route to quality fat loss.. Increasing energy outputs with more cardio, longer cardio, & running instead of walking, are all ways to fire up your metabolism & cut out body fat..

Michael Phelps just recently began lifting weights.. Does Michael Phelps have big muscles? No.. He has lean muscle that is more attractive muscle than big muscles on big body builders.. Unless you’re extremely ectomorphic and really skinny, you probably don’t need to be pounding the weights 5 days a week.. Look at Michael Phelps and you’ll see that swimming is enough resistance to shape your muscle, without overdevelopment.. This is the same principle that says cardio is all the leg work your leg muscles need.. Squats and leg presses can overdevelop your leg muscles, the same as mindless barbell curls can overdevelop your arms and make you muscle bound.. I think swimming has a similar effect on muscle shaping as performing resistance training with workout “bands”.. Putting on tons of muscle may be your goal, and is what some skinny guys & gals need, but pounding the weights 5-6 days week can lead to a bodybuilding physique.. To get lean & look “long”, focus on cardio & minimal weight lifting..

 Dara Torres Fitness Gold Medalist (Dara Torres.. How Many Guys Would Like To Have a Body LIke This?? Probably More Than a Few..)

Dara Torres.. What a body! This girl has inspired me the most.. I watched an ESPN special on her after she qualified for Beijing, and since then I’ve become a huge fan of her workout & diet.. Women’s bodies take twice the effort & discipline to shape up and “lean out” than do mens bodies.. With a lack of testosterone & natural water/fat retaining characteristics a females body takes precise clean eating & intense cardiovascular & resistance training to show off a lean attractive shape.. Plus Dara has 2 children! (I give Big Bonus Points for getting lean post Children..)For Dara to look like this @ 41 years of age, convinces me she has the lean & toned formula nailed down!

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 Dara Torres Maxim Magazine Dara Torres Lean and Hot (Lean and Toned is Sexy.. Dara Reminds Me of Drago’s Wife from Rocky 4.. Tall, Lean, & Sexy.. Her Committment and Dedication to Staying Fit has Propelled Her to Glory @ The Olympic Venue.. I Noticed Many Female & Male Swimmers Looking a Little Soft and Pudgy, but Dara’s Fit Body @ Agr 41 Still “Blows the Other Girls Out of the Water”..)

Dara’s Workout Is a Great Model for Girl’s & GUYS Looking to Get Lean and Toned.. These days take more from the workout of a female that’s in great shape, than a muscle-bound male that’s on the cover of Bodybuilding Magazine spreading his Gross Looking Lats! Dara’s Body is balanced, functionally excellent, & in my opinion, the epitome of lean and toned.. Here’s What Her Workout Consists of:

A lot of Core Work on a Swiss Ball (Sufers Like Laird Hamilton Use the Swiss Ball in their workouts.. This is a Perfect Tool For Creating Balance & Harmony in Your Muscles.. The Swiss Ball is insurance against overdevelopment because if the core can’t support the weight you’re lifting, its too heavy for now..)

In the Weight Room She Focuses on Equipment That Works Many Muscles at Once.. (Compound Movements as Opposed to Isolating Bodybuilding Bicep Movements..)

Dara Lifts 4 Days Week for 1.5 Hours per session.. 2 Days Upper Body, 2 Days Lower Body! (John Fit Endorsed Split..)

She is in the Pool from 8am-10am 5 Days/Week.. 2 Hours of Cardio.. (We Don’t all have the time for this, but the rule of thumb is, she’s spending twice as much per week doing cardio, than hitting the weights.. Lean comes with Cardiovascular Strength..)

Dara Has a Resistive Stretching Routine She Does 3 Days/Week.. (I Will Be Writing Soley About the Importance of Stretching to Looking and Long and Lean.. Stretching is Very Important in Staying Limber)

 Dara Torres Fit

(You Don’t Need to Cut Alot of Calories to Trim Body Fat, as Seen by Dara’s Diet.. Raising Your Activity & Energy Output Daily Will Allow You to Take in Clean Calories For Lean Muscle Tone, While Still Cutting Bodyfat and Slimming Down..)

Daras Eats.. Eats.. Eats.. & Then Eats Again..

Dara Says.. “I eat what I want, when I want, but I exercise so I can do that.” See an overlapping trend here with Michael Phelps.. If you are doing cardio with loyalty, then you can get away with eating a lot of food.. I doubt Dara is eating Pizza everyday, & neither is Michael.. As a matter of fact, Dara says her breakfast consists of a Protein Shake of Berries, Milk, Fruit, Protein Mix.. She also says lean protein is a huge source in her diet.. Dara Eats A LOT of healthy foods.. She doesn’t cut calories, but also doesn’t eat junk food.. I know that’s vague, but there’s no secret to looking great like she does.. She does 10-15 hours of cardio/week, and resistance trains for 5-7 hours/week.. Maybe you don’t have the time for this regimen, but look at this way, if you can just squeeze in 4 hours of cardio/week, and 1.5 hours of resistance training per week, then your body will tighten up! It may take longer to look as good as Daras, but improvement is what we’re looking for here..

We’re learning nothing new here I know, but its becoming more apparent that the faster your metabolism, then the more calories you can get away with eating.. Eating a lot of nutritious food, mixed with increased activity during your day will lead to your best lean and toned look.. Notice the lack of isolated weight training in these athletes.. They have lean and sharp muscle, but not puffy and bulkyness.. You would be surprised at how lean and thin Mike Phelps looks in person.. I’ve been really inspired from these Olympic games and will continue to refine my workout to keep my body as lean and toned as I can get it.. I like the way lean and toned looks and feels on my frame.. These 2 athletes were great models for me in reexamining my stratey in maintaining a Lean and Toned Fit Body..

What Olympian or Other “Fitness” Inspiration Have You Been Following These Days?

John Fit.. (Ran This Morning, but Passing on the Weights Tonight and Running Again..)


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Lean & Fit "Life" Principles.. It's a Lifestyle

Fri, Jun 19, 2009

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Well.. Our new site is finally here, and we’re excited about its growth.. Our “Fit Space” has already enrolled a number of guys and gals, & we see continued prosperity on the forefront.. Our Fitness Forumns have played host to a number of great conversations on working out, diet, & anything else that feeds our individual curiousities on how to get lean and toned.. The site is really hopping & I would encourage all of you to register for our “Fit Space” program, for nothing more than to have capabilities to comment in our Fitness Forumns and communicate with other members.. I’m already seeing a number of attractive bodies and great looking people with very outgoing & interesting personalities getting involved in the communication sectors, & its exactly what we hoped for.. The registration is very easy, & we’d love to have you.. I’m also doing most of my commenting & Q&A’s in the Fitness Forumns & Fit Space now, so Register through the quick process, & I’ll look forward to spending more time with you..

Lately, my workout and diet have been point blank on getting lean as I’ve been feeding my body nothing short of foods that are congruent with keeping my body fresh and toned.. These foods are low in sodium, saturated fat, & sugar.. My workouts have been very intense which is keeping athletic muscle on me, but also fat off of me (So there’s my Fitness Update.. Nothing Fancy).. As I continue to grow & develop with my body, I’m constantly eliminating strategies that don’t work for my body, & hanging on to the strategies that my body’s success can’t live without.. Along with these Tucson web design strategies comes conclusions, and then they metamorph into heavy opinions on how to achieve this type of body we all know as “Lean & Toned”.. I want to share a few of my Fitness Convictions with you in this post.. These are just some of the random thoughts I have with getting in shape and looking great.. These “John Fit” Principles are in no particular order, but do represent things I feel to be True in “Getting Fit” Mentally and Physically.. I am a thinker.. I’m the guy that Looks Deep into Life & “Things” because I’m always Wondering Why Things Are, the Way They Are.. What Do Successful People Have in Common? Is it a Strategy or Just Flat Out UnParalleled Discipline that Take them to the Top? I like Psychology & understanding all the idiosincricies that Come Along With it. But, questioning Things can often be Dangerous by keeping you on the sidelines (mentally) while You Should Be Checked Into the Game & Making Things Happen.. However, at the right time its good to reflect & we all have principles and realities that shape the way we see the world.. Here’s a few of my truths & convicted thoughts.. I understand much of what I think here may be controversial, & some things may seem to be clichique.. None-the-less, these are some thoughts on Life, tied in to Fitness..

Most people can immediately improve their image & self-esteem by losing body fat.. (I’ve never seen anyone look & feel better overweight than lean)

There is a big difference in losing weight & losing body fat.. (I like losing Body Fat but not too much weight)

It IS possible to gain muscle, & Lose Fat at the same time.. (It just takes patience and calculated dieting)

75% of the way you look, is due to the foods that you eat.. (Even Near-Perfect Genetics Can’t Trump a Bad Diet Forever)

The Most Highly-Nominated “Attractive” Bodies are between 7-11% Body Fat for Men, & 11-15% Body Fat for Women.. (Just My Opinion)

When a Man’s Body Fat Goes Below 7% Body Fat, this Can be hard on the Immune System (Not Very Healthy & Can Make the Face Look “Too Thin” & Actually Worsen Your Looks.. This is very common among Ectomorphsl..)

Men: Your Most Attractive “Look” is Probably @ 8.5-9% Body Fat with Only an Average Amount of Muscle. (This is where your clothes will Look the best on your Frame & Your Beach Body will Be the Most Shaped..)

When You Look Big & Bulky, It May Show You Care Too Much About Growing Your Muscles, and Not Enough About Growing Your Mind.. Is This Why They’re Called Meatheads? (Lifting Weights is a Good Thing, But Overeating & Lack of Cardio to Grow Huge Muscle Isn’t a Strategy for a Polished Look..)

Most Women Aren’t Attracted to Big Muscles that Bust out of Shirts.. They Like Nice Abs & Long, Lean, Slim, Athletic Bodies. (You”ve maybe heard me say this before)

Unfortunately, The Way You Look Does Matter When it Comes to Relationships, Sex, & Business. Attractive Looks Receive More Benefits in the Beginning.. (Take Care of Yourself..)

After Attractive Looks Get Your Foot in the Door, You Better Have Something Upstairs or You’ll Be Cast Aside.. (Looks are Important, but Intelligence & Creativity will Trump it in the Long Run)

A Recent Men’s Health Poll Shows 86% of Women Would Rather Be With a Creative Man that Has little Wealth, than a Wealthy Man with No Creativity.. (Wealthy & Creative! That’s the Ticket!)

Carbs Are NOT the Enemy.. Sugar Is! (You’ve Heard this Before)

The Winner Typically is the One Who’s Willing to Sacrafice the Most to Have What They Wanted.. (Drop the Excessive Cheat Meals.. Get Ahead By Cheating Less..)

The Leanest Bodies Have the Fastest Metabolisms.. (Work to Make Your Metabolism Faster)

The Most Important Thing YOu Can Do For Your Workout is.. Change It.. (YOur Body Adapts Quicker Than You Think..)

The Most Important Thing You can Do To Increase Your Intelligence is.. Read.. (Understanding Language & Words Refines Your Communication & Improves Intelligence)

Stress is by Far Has the Most Toxic Effect on Your Body. (Teach Yourself to Relax & Calm Down)

The Best Way to Make Friends is.. Make People Feel Good About Themselves.. (Be Nice. Nobody Really Likes the Bully)

Stop Looking in the Mirror So Much.. (Some of the MOst Insecure People I’ve Ever Met, Constantly Look at Themselves in the Mirror & Start to Only See Flaws)

Confidence is.. Doing What You Enjoy, Being Who You Are, & Unaffected by Others Negative Perceptions.. (Most People Aren’t Comfortable With Who They Really Are.. Don’t be that Guy)

If YOu Aren’t Passionate About What You’re Doing, You Won’t Do it Well.. (Fall in love with the Process of Working out & Eating Right & the Results will Come)

I hope everyone is well and pluggin along at life.. Fitness is such a stress reliever for me & as I”ve mentioned in the past, is as much mental as it is physical.. I have the most confidence when I’m in shape & feel clean, so the root of my success stems my diet and workout routine.. I am going to stay on top of my workout and diet as this is an integral part of my success in anything because when I feel confident & healthy, I perform better at everthing.. Sorry for the “Deep Thoughts”, but wanted to open up some of the my associations between Between & Life.. I have so much of this stuff floating around in my mind that this will be Volume 1.. I’ll talk to you soon..

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John Fit.. (Off to the gym for Cardio & Abs)


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What Swim Trunks “Suit” You?

Fri, Jun 19, 2009

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(Borat Wearing the Neon Green “ManKini” is Priceless!! Exactly How “Nappy” Are Those Brown Shoes He’s Holding in His Left Hand??? Haha.. You Know That Girl on the Right Can Smell Those Stinky Shoes While Trying to Smile for this Pic.. Not Sure How Much Longer That Mankini Can Keep From Busting Open!)

The sun is hot, the birds are chirping, the waves are crashing, the sound of a boats motor rings through the air! Whether your at the community pool, spending the day at the lake with friends, or posted up on the beach on a Sunday afternoon, you have an opportunity to dress your body in a swimsuit that turns heads.. I personally take lots of pride in my presentation & this is common among all of us diet & workout all year to look & feel amazing in our own skin.. Being by the water, shirtless, is absolutely a time to show off your hard work in the gym & really set yourself apart from the others.. A nice bathing suit that fits your body type is important in drawing the right kind of attention to yourself.. Rule #1 in looking by the water, is to have a really nice, athletic looking body that is lean with muscle & low in body fat.. Rule #2, have on a pair of shorts that presents your body the best.. We have a few months of summer left over in the States Denver web design (This article isn’t too appealing to my EURO crowd right about now.. Did you see the gusting winds & sweater covered bodies @ the British Open Golf tournament last weekend?!? Its cold over there! But.. that’s OK.. This is a good time for you guys to hit the gym hard now, so when your sun comes back out, you’re Lean & Ready for a new Bathing Suit!) Let’s look at a few Summer Bathing “Garbs”..

Long Board Shorts are a Safe, but Young Look.. Board Shorts Look Good.. They’re Safe & Pretty Conservative.. We’ve all seen this type of suit coming assorted colors, flower imprints, Billabong & Quicksilver Stamped on the Leg, & pretty much any style you are, you can find a pair of board shorts to match your trend.. (Skulls, Roses, Skulls with Roses.. ANYTHING can printed on a pair of board shorts..) In my opinion if you’re over the age of 21, Board Shorts may be too young-looking for you.. 97% of the guys at the beach, or pool are going to have Board Shorts on, but take this opportunity to be a little different.. Here’s my problem with Board Shorts: 1) You are completely covering your legs because they hang so low.. (Know it or not, girls like nice legs on guys) 2) Board shorts are a “young” style.. You’re not a kid anymore.. (Surfers wear board shorts for more of a functionality of the sport, so don’t try & look like a surfer, if you’re not a surfer..) 3) Long Board Shorts can make you look shorter than you are.. Remember the article I wrote on “Getting lean can make you look taller? When you have shorts on that are too long & baggy, they make your legs & torso look short.. Not good for showing off a lean body.. 4) Lastly, I think too many people wear them.. I’m in to being unique.. I have 10+ pair of board shorts, but they are mostly worn around the house or to lounge in.. When I’m at the beach or pool, I choose something that does my body more justice..

(If you’re in good shape, You’ll Look Best In These Swim Trunks! The length of these trunks are perfect, in my opinion.. They show off your well developed legs, but aren’t too short to where you feel violated wearing them.. ha.. This is the hottest look this summer in Men’s Swim Trunks & Actually considered “Conservative” in Europe (The Blue Shorts on the Left are the ones Worn by James Bond in Casino Royal).. These shorts make you look leaner, longer, & can show off your trim obliques without having to “Sag” your shorts down below your knees.. This is a Very Athletic Looking Style of trunks that Highlights Your Entire Body.. Notice the Model that’s Wearing them Above.. Lean and Trim.. That’s the Look we Want)

The New Trend in Swim Trunks for Men.. This is the New Trend in Swim Trunks for Men.. There’s a skimpier version of these that I’ll get into next, but if you’re body fat is below 10%, you probably look best in these.. However, these trunks do look silly if you’re beefy with Muscle.. Wearing this style swim trunk will get your pale legs some sun, stretch the look of your physique out to make you longer, taller, & leaner, & fit tight to show off a nice butt.. If you think girls aren’t looking at your butt when you’re in your swim trunks, you’re wrong.. This look is almost a bit of a Vintage throwback look from the 50’s & 60’s (Truly a Classic & Eclectically Great Era to live in..) Most “In” trends are moving back to the Vintage look.. New Car manufactures are going to back to old body styles, hairstyles are tracking back to more classic clean looks, & designers are bringing back the classic “James Dean” form fitting clothing trends.. I really like it because these looks are perfect for lean bodies, just like these swim trunks.. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and bust out with the “short shorts” in August.. They look awesome on lean bodies & prove to be a look that’s back!

(They look huge on the computer screen huh.. Not so big when you put them on :) You Have to Be Extremely Secure and Confident when you wear these.. If you’re in shape & in the right environment, people may chuckle a bit at your Courage to Wear These, but Deep Down Their Hoping Their Girlfriend Isn’t Drooling Over Your Body!)

How Confident Are You? Could you wear these swimtrunks? But, Could you Really Wear These?? You can’t put these shorts on & be 1% insecure in them.. I wouldn’t wear these in front of anyone (outside of my “Circle of Trust.. :) ) unless my body fat is below 8%, or unless I’m Staging a Funny Joke.. They are very common in urban trendy-leading areas of the world.. I spend a lot of time in Miami, & South Beach is loaded with Latin men “Wearing” these perfectly.. The area I live on the West Coast of Florida isn’t ready for these shorts yet.. I do have a pair of these though and do wear them when I vacation to these Latin/European hotspots, but the “weenie-bikini” doesn’t come out often.. Its not that my shape isn’t ready for it, but my community & peers aren’t ready to accept it yet.. This look is common in many areas around the world, but please get super lean & toned before you show this look off.. I’ve spotted many “heavyweights” prancing around the beach in the “banana hammock” & its not a sexy sight.. However, I commend them on the confidence & lack of concern for what anyone thinks of them.. You have to appreciate and respect that.. I just think they would be better “suited” in any other style of swim trunk..

It summer & I love it (Getting a little bummed that its coming to an end, but then I have the Holidays to look forward too.. Life is Good!) I love showing off my hard work in the gym & have now started to pick a nice style bathing suit that looks good on my body.. Its nice to be unique, feel clean and healthy, & present yourself as a confident person.. When in doubt, no matter what you decide to where to your pool, or beachside, be confident and strut your “stuff”.. If you’re working hard in the gym & staying disciplined in the kitchen, then you’re well on your way to “Fit Freedom” (A place where every outcome in your mind becomes positive because you once have the will and strength to take control of your health, anything is possible!) Keep up the hard work & good luck with searching for the right “Suit” to show off your Lean and Sexy Beach Body during the last few months of Summer..)

John Fit.. (Thinking about throwing on the Weenie Bikini & Heading to the Ocean for a Refreshing Swim..)

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JohnFit.COM Reader talks about his Fitness Strategy..

Fri, Jun 19, 2009

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(This Young John Fit Reader works hard to stay lean & has a great look.. I like promoting my readers progress & success, especially when they have a physique we talk so much about here @ JohnFit.COM.. This is the type of the “Look” you’ll see in GQ Magazine.. No More Overgrown Muscle & Beefy arms! This Reader Has the Right Idea in the Gym & the Kitchen..)

I don’t ever want to pass up the opportunity to put my stamp on hard work & dedication for staying in shape and looking great.. I was just talking to one of my buddies in the gym tonight and we’re amazed at the number of people that aren’t concerned with their health. Looking great & feeling attractive is most definitely a nice goal to have when scheduling your regimen, but I honestly feel if you train & diet to have the “cleanest body on the block”, your attractivenss will fall into place.. The reality of my theme here is, the most attractive looking people have the strongest immune systems & healthiest bodies from exercise and healthy diet.. Trying to pull together an attractive physique without having a natural & pure lifestyle is like trying to cram the circle in the square peg.. It isn’t going to happen! Think clean, lean, & heart healthy with everything you put into your body & your physique will tighten up..

I like to stay in touch with my readers.. I have developed a nice “pen-pal” friendship with a many of you, and I really do appreciate that.. I think the fact that your researching how to get in shape, & take care of yourself puts you in that top 10% of humans on this planet that want to look and feel great.. It takes more than wanting something to accomplish anything, & the fact that you guys spend time reading my “stuff” makes me realize you’re willing to research and work for results.. We’re the elite group of people that will live the longest, sleep the best at night, make the most positive decisions, & look the best @ the Corporate Christmas Party. I applaud you for making the commitment to change & improve.

This “John Fit” reader & I have developed a nice little friendship.. He works hard, eats clean, and is obviously a very disciplined individual.. I can imagine this is the type of guy that makes good grades, and probably won’t have a problem being successful at anything he does, post college.. We’ve emailed each other a number of times, as he’s taken strong interest in my site, and after seeing some of his pictures, I wanted to spread his regimen to all of you, and show off his results.. I’m constantly seeing too many bodybuilding interviews in “Meathead” bodybuilding magazines, so my interviews will only promote lean, attractive, natural looking physiques.. These are the athletically looking, model-type bodies that JohnFit.COM approves.. Let’s see what he does to look & feel great..

What’s Your Age, Height, and Weight? (Weight in the photos) 20 years old. 6’1 & I weigh about 175 lbs. (Great Weight for a Young Physique @ 6’1″)

Where do you live/attend school? Mid/northeaster Ohio……lots of Amish around where I live (Love the Amish Side Note..)

What’s Your Current Diet? I try to eat a lot of protein (chicken, fish, turkey mostly), lots of vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, carrots, salad mostly), some fruits (apples and grapefruit), I try to limit carbs (whole grain cereals..sometimes oatmeal) & some healty fats (almonds..peanuts/peanut butter) ….. I don’t always eat this strict 24/7 but I try to eat healthy most of the time…. My favorite cheat food is ice cream (I don’t blame him!)

What’s Your Workout Plan & strategy with your workout? I lift weights 3-4 days a week doing supersets.. Biceps/triceps/traps/calves one day, chest/back one Seattle web design day, legs/shoulders one day… I do my abs 2-3 days a week and I do cardio for a little bit after lifting (Even if you’re naturally thin, continue to do some form of cardio to keep body fat off..)

What are your goals? Getting my degree and then entering the modeling industry….and then eventually start my own business of some sort (Nice goals & he does have a model look.. I’m an entrepenuer myself, so I like the idea he’s willing to take some risk & do what he likes by starting his own business.. Very disciplined & Independent to be Only 20 yrs old.. Reminds me of my own greatness! ha)

If you could model for any designer, who would it be?

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Hmmmmm…..i don’t know there are so many I guess….. I’ll say Jean Paul Gaultier…I like his name and im obsessed w/ his cologne le male

What Do You Like About JohnFit.COM?? (Favorite Type of Article Content..) I like all the info… I like the content on getting lean w/ muscle

John Fit Analysis.. This look is very “high fashion” trendy & common on the runway.. He probably comes from very thin genetics & battles more with putting on muscle, than getting fat.. Great problem to have! His look is perfect for sleek, Calvin Klein, Versace style clothing that fits tight to the body (As Seen in the Photos..) Notice how he’s not that Big.. Big, & Bulky is Out! Lean and Slim is in.. I like the leanness here.. This Reader is only 20 yrs. old so he still has some growing & “Filling Out” to do.. I wouldn’t change a thing about this regimen.. Between the ages of 18-26, your body will naturally start filling and bone structure settling into final growth stages.. Young fitness enthusiasts shouldn’t bulk.. You will look better in your mid twenties and thirties, if you focus on staying lean and toned now.. You have the rest of your life to Put on added size.. Keep body fat off for now.. When you’re lean with low body fat, even a shaved head can look really attractive & you look good any type of clothing.. Remember the infamous Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) in “Fight Club”? He wakes up in the morning & looks good in the robe walking around the kitchen.. He looks good with weird pants on & a really tight shirt that doesn’t even cover his entire stomach.. He even looks cool in a Retro Suit, “Bed Head”, shaved head, Long Hair, No Head! (Whoa.. I didn’t mean that.. The Head Needs to Stay).. When you’re lean, anything you put on, that isn’t too big & sloppy, looks great because of your lean/attractive physique.. This is the type of guy you see in the magazine, & the type of guy girls like to touch in bed.. This is a good look to strive for..

Guys & Girls, if you’re in great shape, or have lost a substantial amount of weight and have a “Fit” success story to tell, send me some pictures & let’s do a quick interview.. I love seeing results and don’t want you to hesitate in broadcasting your progress! Let’s show off your body & tell people your regimen for looking so great.. This site is about a better you.. Email me at //

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‘ ); // ]]>This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it //

‘ ); // ]]>
and let’s let the world in on your “Fit” secret & broadcast your look.. Who knows?? Maybe John Fit will put your pictures in front of a Talent Agency & Your Look Could be Discovered! :)

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Great Skin Makes Lean & Toned Muscle Look Better!

Fri, Jun 19, 2009

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(Eva Mendez is Flat-Out Gorgeous! I saw her on The Conan O’Brian Show a few nights ago, and wasn’t too impressed with her personality (She “Giggled” A Little Too Much, & Seemed A Little “Silly” For My Taste), But If There’s One Physical Attraction I Have to A Hollywood Celebrity, Here She Is! Her Clear, Exotic Skin Tone Makes Her “Look”, in My Opinion.. Look at the Way the Light Bounces Off Her.. Her.. Neck and Chest :) .. Good Skin Can You Make You Shine Like a Flower That’s Had the Perfect Amount of Sun! That Was Border-Line Poetic..)

Great muscles on irritated, dry, rough skin isn’t what we’re looking for! I continue to refer to the “look” that we’re going for, as the “Hollywood Look”.. This is a combination of lean & toned muscle, low body fat, clean cut grooming, & healthy glowing skin.. 50% of “Hollywood Look” is Glowing, Healthy Looking Skin.. Even high paid Actors & Actresses become extremely vulnerable & insecure when their skin is acting up (Note Jessica Simpson & the “Hollywood Like” narrating the Proactive Solution Commericals).. Skin care is one of those aspects of a woman’s body that is taken care of day in and day out and they shine like the sun because of it.. Have you ever seen an attractive a girl without beautiful skin? Most people look cover models & comment on their perfect teeth, great bone structure, beautiful muscle tone, but all of this is overshadowed with blotchy skin.. Why do women have to be the only ones conscious about skin care? Is it a bad thing to be a man and take care of your skin?? The guy you see on the cover of the magazine has perfect skin.. Don’t overlook this maintenance step in your daily regimen.. I had the opportunity to play a small role in a film in 2002 as a Lifeguard @ the beach.. (What a great story that goes along with how I landed the part, but I won’t go into that now.. It was Classic story of being @ the right place at the right time.. BUT, being “out there” in the mix is where opportunity is created, and it paid off big time for me..) Before I showed up to the set, I was told to bring my cleanest looking skin.. Hollywood puts a premium on actors/actresses with good skin & complexion, and its something that will trump all your hard work in the gym, if you don’t take good care of it.. To me, the most attractive women in the world are Latin, Italian, Brazilian women.. I love their exotic looks and dark hair (Just my preference), but probably the most attractive aspect of these ethnicity’s is their glowing, thick, radiant skin.. I’ve seen guys with great muscle tone be plagued by sun-damaged skin, & acne camouflaugin their hard work in the gym.. Most forms of oil based skin problems, or even dry skin such as rosacea and dermatitis are typically genetic; however, you have the ability to make this better if you want to.. I would suggest you take great care of your skin & always be conscious of what’s going on with it.. To be athletically lean without good skin, is almost moot.. Let’s look at how Men & Women can take better of their skin..

No Matter Your Situation.. You Can Make Your Skin Better.. Chronic Acne can make you back & chest look as your face, so if you’re in this Cystic Stage of Acne, I would suggest you line up an appointment with a Dermatologist.. I went through a phase late in my teens where I started to get concerned about my skin, and went to the Dermatologist and got it taken care of.. I didn’t need Accutane, but I stayed disciplined to the routine I was put on.. Retina, Hydrocortozone Cream, Accutane, whatever the case, if you need a physician to control your skin, don’t wait.. Get that help sooner, than later. Scars from not handling this stuff up front is not what you’re looking for.. With that being said, I do want to point out that the Medical Industry is as much a business, as the Internet Marketing Company I run.. Your doctor needs to prescribe medicine to you whether you need it or not.. Studies today show that some medical assistance can be doing as much harm, as good, on your body.. Unless you have Cystic Acne, I think you can calm your skin down & improve it with a few good habits.. Most problems just short of Cystic Acne are actually worsened from irritation of harsh products, picking a pimple, or overuse of moisturizer.. I use Cetaphil on my face twice a day (maybe even 3 times, if needed) as this is a fragrance free & soap free cleanser.. It’s the only thing that I will put on my face besides sunscreen.. Less is more, when it comes to skin.. The goal is to keep your skin clean & restore PH balance, not “dry out” acne, or lubricate skin.. Your skin will look the best when its “clean”.. Easy on the harsh, heavy detergents, & oil-based moisturizers.. If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest Cetaphil & cool water showers.. Heat is bad for skin.. It causes swelling, broken capillaries, and irriation.. I’m not a dermatologist, but these are things I’ve learned over the years & I’m passing them to you..

Foods Have No Effect On Your Skin?? Wrong! What You Eat, Has Everything to do With Your Complexion.. If you are in the small percentage of men or women that have skin that is unaffected by ANYTHING, then good for you! Thank Mom and Dad for this blessing.. Most people struggle to keep their skin looking great & this is more for them, not you Mr. Genetic! The foods you eat have so much to do with your skin.. Imagine what a plant looks like if it doesn’t get its Water.. It loses glowing color & shrivels up.. Imagine what a Vegetable does if it doesn’t get the proper nutrients to grow.. The skin whelps up & dies from the outside in.. Your skin is a reflection of your immune system.. I’ve seen people with extremely sensitive skin get flushed & dry out from a ceiling fan blowing on them.. You can strengthen your skin by strengthening your immune system.. Loading up on Fruits & Veggies & foods high in antioxidants will make your skin look better immediately.. Foods high in sodium (Chinese Buffet Food tastes so good to me! But I notice a huge drying in my skin from all the salt in it.. Your skin wears what’s going on inside your body..) will dry your skin out & lead to redness.. What you eat is truly the way you look! Not only do the foods you eat carve out body fat and build lean muscle, but they also paint your skin’s health in the quality of foods that you eat.. The good news is this.. The more sensitive your skin is, the more responsive it will be to improvements in your diet.. Staying away from ingredients that “Stress” your body out like, Sodium, Saturated Fat, Sugar, & Spicy Foods will also keep your Skin at ease and less “active”.. That’s the key.. You want your skin to be less active.. When it gets stressed & burned from too much sunlight, hypertension, stressful foods, or wind burn, your skin becomes active & starts trying to heal damage, making it wrinkle & turn the wrong colors.. Eat fresh, low sodium, low saturated fat, low sugar foods, less spicy foods to keep your skin from ”stressing out”..

Ways To Think About What’s Going on With Your Skin.. Again, if you’re suffering from cystic acne, medication will help this process.. However, if you’re just wanting to brighten up the color of your skin, or lose the “Redness” think about these things.. Redness is typically from irritation.. You can over-moisturize leading to Redness, or dry your skin out leading to Redness.. Your skin will look best when its “Clean”.. For me, this Dallas web design means cool water (not even warm) & Cetaphil (No-fragrance or grainy stuff that scratches my skin.. You want to clean your face without stressing it out in the process..) If you have Oily Skin, eliminate greasy oily foods.. If you have dry skin, amp up the water and fats.. Your skin tells the story.. Its just reacting to what you’re doing to it.. The worst thing you could do to your skin is pick and scratch it.. I’m not a fan of abrasive exfoliates, or squeezing pimples.. Leave your skin alone.. Just keep it clean!

(Jonathon Ryhs Myers & Jerod Leto are two guys in Hollywood that Get Their Fair Share of “Double-Takes” from the Ladies & High Paying Roles.. I wanted to post these pics up because notice how they have very Fair-Toned, Irish Skin.. They aren’t tanned, but don’t need to be because their skin is clear & clean.. Too many Guys & Gals Bask in the Sun Looking for A Tan when Their Genetic Skin just Burns & Looks Worse.. You Can’t make Fair Skin, Tan (Naturally).. Stay Out of the Sun! Focus on Clear, Clean Skin & Let the Nutrients from the Quality Food You Eat & Water You Drink, Bring Out Your Best-Looking Skin Tone)

Eating “Good Fats” are Very Important Pieces to Good Skin Care.. My skin went from good to great as soon as I started eating the Avocados everyday.. Water is by the far the best thing in the world for hydrating your skin & nothing can trump its benefits.. Every living organism needs water, right.. Your skin is alive.. Without gallons of water, it won’t look its best.. However, Foods such as lean meats, nuts, avocados, & fish oils are GREAT for your skin.. They supply hydration & suppressive therapies to free radical damage (The type of damage that makes your skin look worse than it really is..) I’ve always said the most important thing that is left out of a “Muscle Building” program is Good Fats.. Notice how my last post “The Paleolithic Diet” is loaded with Good Fats.. Some muscle building diets & the FDA call for 30% of your calories to come from good fats.. If you “amp-up” your Good Fats, you’ll notice the brightness & glow come back to your skin even before the improvements in your muscles! Very few Americans are eating enough Good Fats, but its imperative for Clear Skin with a Healthy Color..

John Fit’s Tips for Hollywood Skin..

  • If you have Cystic Acne, See a Dermatologist.. Don’t Wait.. Get this Under Control.. You Want Healthy, Attractive Skin..
  • Drink Water, Drink Water, Drink Water.. Then.. Take a Sip of Water.. Flood your body with Water.. This will “lean up” your body and flush your skin with Hydration!
  • Stop picking, squeezing, or using products that scratch your skin.. Don’t Stress Out Your Skin.. Don’t even touch your skin..
  • Avoid Foods that are Spicy, High in Sodium, High Sugar, High in Saturated Fats..
  • Quit Smoking, Today.. Nothing Good comes from the “Cancer Sticks”.. Especially, Attractive Skin
  • Wear Sunscreen! No-Brainer.. Melanoma & Melasma are not Attractive..
  • Keep Your Face Clean.. The only thing I put on my face is Sunscreen & that’s only when I’m outside.. I think most women wear too much makeup.. The most attractive women I’ve ever seen are the most beautiful without the Clown Face..
  • Don’t Use Products that Have Too Much Fragrance.. This is like eating foods with additives & preservatives.. Part of keeping your face Clean is keeping all the “Smelly-Stuff” off..
  • Raise Your “Good Fats”.. Your Skin Will Improve Dramatically When Feed it A little Good Fat.. I keep my “Good Fats to No-Less than 20% & Raise it to 33% when I’m putting on Muscle..
  • Exercise & Do Cardio.. I won’t ever run to complete Exhaustion, but Cardio does circulate blood and will aid in Free Radical Damage..
  • Take Another Sip of Water..

I don’t claim to be a Dermatologist, but I’ve always been very conscious of taking care of myself.. Having good looking skin is a vital sign of Health.. Heart rate goes up, skin shows it.. You get upset or stressed, skin reflects it.. You eat well (Free of Sodium, Simple Sugar, Processed Carbs, & Saturated Fats), drink water, & exercise to get the blood flowing your skin is bright, tight, & healthy.. Remember, your skin is your presentation of your health.. Low body fat & all the muscles in the world doesn’t look as impressive, as that package with gorgeous skin.. We’ve never seen a model without beautiful skin, so work on yours to be more attractive & healthy.. Clean up the habits and be conscious as to what your putting in your body because your wearing those habits on your skin..

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John Fit.. (Putting the Whole “Fit” Puzzle Together for a Better You..)

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Eat Like a Pre-Historic Caveman to Get Lean

Fri, Jun 19, 2009

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(Cavemen & Pre-Historic Hunters & Gatherers Were Lean with Athletically-Muscled Bodies! They were very active & Ate Natural Foods Full of Proteins, High-Fiber Carbs, & Good Fats.. The Paleolithic Diet Focuses on Eating Like a Medievil Stud.. Kick out High-Sodium & Sugar with these Foods.. These Guys Lay the Foundation of Essential Foods on a “Get Lean” Meal Plan..)

Some of the most confusing & debated information is based on diet.. Do I eat carbs to lose weight and get healthy?? What kind of Protein do I need? Are some fats actually good, and how much do I eat of them? There are so many different ways to eat, and view the food that we put in our bodies, but this diet (The Paleolithic Diet, Aka. The Cave Man Diet.. The Stone Age Diet, & The Hunter-Gatherer Diet) is so fundamental, that it only puts natural foods in your stomach.. Most of our commercial foods are loaded with Sodium, hydrogenated Oils, Sugars, & other fake materials that extend Shelf Life @ the super market, & add unnatural tastes that so many American’s are addicted too.. When I’m trying to get lean, unnatural sugar is the first thing I eliminate.. The Paleolithic Diet is something that I really believe in.. I’ve always said, you look the way you eat.. Most soft and overweight bodies look like a donut.. This diet says “if it doesn’t run, grow from the ground, or have a root/plant that it came from, don’t eat it! We’re talking completely organic foods that flood your body with nutrients, keep sugar, salt, & other toxic materials our of your body, & brighten everything from your skin to your lean muscle mass.. I’m talking about only eating foods that support immune system functions & actually revitalize & heal your body, instead of weighing it down with further toxins & unnatural products that aren’t vital to Life.. All major nutritional components are covered in this diet (Protein, Carbs, Fat, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Etc.) Medieval Hunters and Gatherers had such strong immune systems they could live in the jungle for years at a time, never get sick, and battle infection.. Allergies didn’t exist & run rampant in Medieval Times! This Paleolithic Diet built strong, hard, lean bodies that were able to survive in insane natural conditions due to consistent amounts of “Life” and “Natural Energy” their bodies would consume.. I try and follow an organic lifestyle, as I do have Spokane web design a concern for the damaging effects of pollution & toxicity levels in the air, but I have an even greater concern for the vitality & survival of my body.. This is the type of diet that can detoxify your system, drop body fat off your body, renourish skin cells, and bring the nutrients to your organs adding shelf life to your body.. I am a believer in Holistic Theories of healing the body.. I think 99% of the things that happen with your body are a reflection of the foods we feed it, (outside of uncontrollable heredity disorders)… However, I’ve even seen heredity disorders reversed from changes in diet.. Everything from the shade of white in your teeth and clarity of your skin, to the health of your heart and tightness of your muscle can be tracked back to the foods you eat.. Let’s look at the principles behind the Paleolithic Diet & how they can “lean up” your physique & heal your body..

A Quick Lesson on the Paleolithic Diet.. 10,000 years ago, there were no additives to the foods that were eaten.. Foods that humans ate were meat, fish, fowl, leaves, berries, roots, & fruits.. That pretty much sums up the foods you need to be eating the most.. 90% of the meals I eat in a given week are foods that come from the soil, animal meat, or any fruit that grows on a tree.. If the food doesn’t respond to sunlight & grow, I don’t eat it because its not helping me grow physically & mentally.. There is no doubt that eating natural foods raw can be harmful, so cooking & heating your veggies & meats is a good thing.. The skin on fruits & veggies (Such as cucumbers) is used a membrane against toxin & protection of the inner energy of the food, so this is why you don’t want to eat the “peel” or outer skin.. The basic essential foods in a Paleolithic Diet are, Organic Meat, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Fruit, Root Vegetables, Nuts (Specifically Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Macadamia, & Almonds (No Peanuts..), all berries.. Foods to eliminate are any breads, pastas, noodles, sweat and regular potatoes (Potatoes are known to contain high levels of enzyme blockers & toxic levels due to its thin, easy to penetrate skin/membrane protectant) dairy products, sugar and salt.. These foods do not contribute to any vital health of your body & any nutrient they do contain, you can more and cleaner versions of it from the Essential “Eats” food group.. I am a sucker for pizza & pastas, but as much as I can keep this stuff out of my body, the quicker I get lean, and the healthier I feel.. Hunters and Gatherers hunted for their foods & picked the most abundant foods in nature for survival.. These foods lay the foundation for life and energy, & the most natural forms of these foods should be the focus of what you’re stuffing in your face..

(This is what I May Consider the Perfect “Get Lean” Food Pyramid.. There’s alot of Stuff Missing huh.. No Starches at all.. Just Good Omega-3 Fats, Lean Protein, & High-Fiber Nutrient-Dense Carbs.. This pyramid Represents 90% of My Food Choices & with Added Herbs and a little Natural Sauces, the Diet tastes Good as Well.. Romantics Consider this the “Adam & Even Diet” because of the Natural-Only Selection of “Animal Proteins & “Rooted” Foods that Were Eaten in the Garden of Eden.. I Sleep Better, Keep Body Fat off, Keep Lean Muscle On, Avoid Sickness, & Even Dominate Allergies Because of this Diet.. This is an All-Star “Immune System-Stimulus Diet Plan!”

The Paleolithic Diet Offers Foods That Heal the Body by Eating Natural Energy Foods that typically sit on the shelf, or are bought in a can contain additives that extend the shelf life.. The most common additive in canned food is sodium.. The Paleolithic Diet isn’t consistent with high levels of sodium.. High levels of Sodium is a leading cause in high blood pressure, & will soak up your body’s much needed water & moisture (When I was a kid I remember watching one of my evil friends pour table salt on a slug, and the slug literally dried up & burned in the salt.. This is the same effect salt has one your organs.. It dries up needed moisture and hydration for excellent organ funtion & blood transport.. To get lean and look great, pay attention to sodium levels..) The Paleolithic Diet promotes only foods that provide minerals and nutrients for vital life to your body.. Foods on this menu will spoil if not eaten within days of purchase because of their organic existence & lack of perservatives.. This is the sign of a food that’s innately good for you! Natural foods such as fruits and vegetables contain, Lutein (to protect prostate), Vitamin E (Your Most natural Anti-Aging Nutrient Calming Free Radical Damage to Skin), Fiber (Reducing Cholesterol & Heart Attack), Potassium (Replaces Electrolytes.. The Next time your trainer says drink a Gatorade or Energy Drink after a workout to replace Electrolytes & Glycogen, don’t do it.. Instead Eat 2 big bananas to get the electolyte replacement.. This is a much more natural and lean muscle support avenue that “Quick Energy” Sugar Drinks..) Mono-unsaturated Fats (Promoting, healing anti-inflammatory effects on your joints and body.. Most overweight bodies look swollen don’t they? That’s because they are.. They’re swollen with inflammation from saturated fats & congestion in the body’s fuctions from toxins and lack of nourishment.. With good fats and & a high-fiber diet, you will reduce your puffyness & look thinner before you even start losing weight! Good deal..) and the list goes on. The multivitamin you’re taking is a good supplement for these essential nutrients, but your body absorbs the energy & nutrients from a natural veggie & fruit thousands of times faster and more efficiently than a pill.. Eat as much of the Fruit and Veggie family as you can to look like and shine a plant that’s received the perfect amount of sun! Your skins complexion (Yes.. I do believe some forms of acne, dermatitis, & other skin rashes can be cured by the foods you eat), your muscle tone, your bone strength, & even the quality of sleep your body gets, is all a byproduct of the levels of nutrients in your body.. I’ve seen allergies conquered with quality holistics, & even read where cancer & Heart Disease was combated & reversed by eating a nutrient dense lean meat, high fiber natural & organic Paleolithic Diet..

How to Apply the Paleolithic Principles to Get Lean & Feel Great.. According to certain proponents of the Paleolithic diet, practitioners should derive about 56–65% of their food energy from animal foods and 36–45% from plant foods. They recommend a diet high in protein (19–35% energy) and relatively low in carbohydrates than most American Diets (22–40% energy), with a fat intake (28–58% energy) similar to or higher than that found in Western diets. When you start eating more vegetables, you’re going to raise your fiber content, and lower “Quick Energy” from high carb/high sugar foods.. You will feel sustainable energy during the day and rest at night.. For me, vegetables & water purify my body and give me true energy.. (I consider sugar energy, false energy.. Sugar speeds up your heart rate and can make you act insanely hyper.. Most Kids support this theory) The high levels of quality fats and lean protein you will get from Paleolithic Type Foods, such as; lean red animal meat, lean animal white meats, avocados, & Nuts, will soak inflammation in your body with hydration & lipid production to promote healing & encourage lean tissue development.. As we know, these proteins & fats ARE essential in building lean muscle & continued production of testosterone for lifelong bone strength.. Look at these medieval, & pre-ancestral bodies.. They were Strong, Lean, & full of natural energy to hunt and be active all day.. I love studying the habits of historic figures because new age technology & “gimmicks” like to mask many problems Contemporary health is facing.. Is there a cure of Cancer & HIV in a plant growing somewhere in the Dense Amazon Rainforest? I think there may be.. But, I’m that guy that turns to healthy habits and consumption of natural, unrefined energy to cure aches and pains.. I don’t like popping pills & pouring “serums” down my throat.. My body has lean muscle & low body fat, I can’t remember the last time I was sick, & I’ve almost completely eliminated severe allergies because of the way I eat.. I like this diet! I put my stamp on it! I praise it for my health & attractive physique! Let me know how you feel…

John Fit.. (Getting Ready for the 4th of July Next Friday! Very Exciting time of Summer..)

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Getting Lean Will Make Your Face More Attractive

Fri, Jun 19, 2009


(Getting in Shape Can Do Wonders For the Attractiveness of Your Face.. Larry Scott is the Cover Guy for Aqua Di Gio Cologne.. Larry Obviously Has Great Genetics, but Without Low Body Fat Levels from Exercsie & a Healthy Lifestyle, His “Look” Takes a Backseat to Less-Than-Perfect Features.. EVERYONE Has the Ability to Improve Their Appearance with Lean and Healthy Fitness..)

There are so many great things that happen when you get in shape & drop body fat levels.. First of all, reducing the risk of illness is something that has become the most important to me.. Getting lean, and looking toned used to be the biggest advantage for me to getting in shape, but its now “riding shotgun” to the health of my “ticker” (Ticker=Heart.. I’m fresh out of the gates, riding the Pun’s & Metaphors hard.. :) ) The most common theme on my site is creating a better “look” to give you more confidence, but this is never to be overshadowed by the inner-cleansing from exercise and wellness.. Scary concepts like, high blood pressure, heat attacks, & diabetes are common topics of conversation around my family dinner table, so believe me when I say, turning and burning miles on the treadmill & eating clean, natural foods is to keep me from falling victim to illnesses wrath! HOWEVER, since we’re doing all this work to detoxify our bodies & keep our heart beating like a new drum, you’ll be glad to know that your “look” is also improving.. In this post, I’m not talking specifically about your abs, or your chiseled arms, but specifically about your face.. Your face will improve dramatically by cutting body fat and getting in shape.. Everything from the sharpness in your eyes, to the overall shape of your face will improve with lower levels of body fat, tipping the scales on your attractiveness!

Attractive Eyes Hide Behind Body Fat & Unhealthy Habits.. When I’m having a conversation with anyone, I spend most of my time looking into their eyes.. The eyes can tell so much about your health.. An unhealthy, non-lean body often shows off, bloodshot or red eyes, accumulated bags under the eyes, &/or tired looking, sagging of the eyes.. These are all signs of a body & immune system that isn’t operate at its highest quality. There is no cream that can take care of this. A cream may temporarily mask this, but your best prescription for more attractive eyes, is ample internal hydration from drinking water, sunblock, & a natural, organic, lean muscle diet.. The eyes really can present so much about someones health.. Not sleeping well? Your eyes will show it sag and look tired.. Been drinking too much?? Your eyes will look dehydrated and bloodshot.. Eating too much saturated fat? The swelling and bags under your eyes from internal inflammation Columbus web design will reflect it.. Attractive, lean, healthy bodies typically have crystal clear pupils & tight, moisture-rich skin surrounding their eyes that come from hydration within the body, not lotions slapped on top of the skin .. Just how body fat makes your body sag, it has the same negative affect on your eyes.. Body fat overtime will create a sagging, lazy, droopy-the-hound dog look to your eyes that gets worse over time.. Food allergies and histamines may be keeping your eyes from looking fresh as well, and I will be posting on that later.. Many people have un-realized food allergies that they continue eating keeping them bloated & swollen looking from triggered inflammatory responses inside the body. We’ll dig into more of that detail later.. I’ve noticed that people who lose body fat and have nice lean attractive bodies, also have the most attractive eyes.. Make sense??

Your Face Shape Will Improve When you Start Cutting Body Fat.. “Beauty is in the bones”.. I heard a Dr. say that once on TV and it really is true.. Genetic bone structure determines your “frame” which is the foundation for your look, especially for your face.. I’ve seen skinny facial bone structures that look better with added LEAN mass making their face look fuller, and I’ve seen naturally round faces that look best as dry and thin as they can get it.. Remember, we want LEAN, not skinny.. Skinny sags your body and your face.. This is the effect of a Low Carb Diet (Remember the Katie Holmes Crash Low-Carb, only Lettuce & Grapefuit Eating Diet.. She’s since improved her look by probably adding more nutrients to you her diet, but that was a pretty “gaunty” & scary, skinny face..) Thin or Wide Facial Frame is all pre-determined by your genetics, but neither scenario looks best with added body fat.. Getting lean and dropping body fat with give you a tighter, stronger jaw line, that creates more shape & defined sharpness to your face that is more of an attractive look.. Also when you lose body fat, expect a bigger, brighter smile that isn’t overshadowed by puffy cheeks.. When you first lose body fat, its common for the muscles in your face & free radicals in your skin to go through a period of adjustment and re-contouring that will improve & looks better and better with time.. This is common among people who lose a lot of body fat quickly.. It’s almost as if their body suit, the skin and muscle, are a bit lagging with your new found work ethic and discipline.. Your skin will tighten & suction to the leanness in your face over time, so don’t quit working hard or eating clean because your look isn’t quite great yet.. The longer you stay lean, the more toned and balanced your chiseled face will look..

(Tom Cruise has one of the most prominent faces in Hollywood.. I’d guess he was around 10-12% Body Fat in the Pic on the Left, & around 15-17% on the Right.. Look How his Grin on the left is more attractive than his Smile on the Right.. The Smile’s Supposed to Be Better! But, Not When Puffy, Fat Cheeks are in the Way.. Also, where’d the Jawline go on the right & who invited the Extra Chin? His Square-Jaw is one of his best features, but when Body Fat Invades, You can see how it even interrupts your Smile.. Top Gun wouldn’t cast that guy on the right huh.. Tom’s $20 Million Dollar Actor When He’s Lean)

What Body Fat Level Do I Have to Reach To See A Big Improvement?? Glad you asked! Anytime you’re losing body fat, your face is improving as well.. But hence the term, body fat.. Not just weight loss.. Your focus needs to be losing only body fat & maintaining lean muscle weight.. Losing weight could mean burning muscle as well, which could lead to lack of tone in your face.. Going from 15% to 10% body fat is where the most noticeable difference in your facial appearance comes in for men.. For women, going from 25% body fat to 15-17% is the leap that makes others say, “Wow! You look amazing!” When you get that response, they’re not talking to your new abs covered underneath your shirt (although you can’t wait for them to see that too!), they’re responding to the difference in the shape of your face.. I can look at persons a face and accurately predict what their stomach looks like.. Everything from the shape of your face and how tight & toned your jawline is, to the clarity of your skin & eyes, tells the story of what’s going on inside your body.. Ridding fat off your body & keeping it off, will insure a more attractive look for your physique AND for your face..

Quick Tips to Keep Your Face Lean & Sexy..

  • Never Cut Cardio out of Your Regimen.. Muscle is Great, but at the sacrafice of Body Fat, its not worth it.. Be patient with Putting on Muscle to Stay Toned & Keep Your Face From Showing the Effects of Bulking..
  • Avoid High Saturated Fats- Saturated Fat Like Fried Food Create Inflammation in Your Body.. Good Fats Like Avocado Aid in Eliminating & Calming inflammation, which Keeps “Puffiness” Down in Your Facial Cheeks & under your eyes..
  • I Personally Avoid Dairy- If you think you may have a food allergy, start with eliminating Dairy.. Its one of the Most Common Food Groups that Cause Swelling from Histamine Reactions inside Your Body..
  • Eat High Levels of Fruits and Veggies- Not Only do Fruits and Veggies have high levels of fiber that keep fat off & metabolism burning, but they also contain nutrients to keep your skin bright & organs flushed of toxins..
  • Drink Water- Water is the best hydration for your body.. Diet Coke is not.. Drink Water to Flush Toxins, & don’t worry about Water Retention.. If sodium Levels are in check, you won’t get “Puffy” from Water Renention, but Only Look Brighter & Hydrated From the DeTox that Only Water Can Provide..

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John Fit.. (Whever you are in the World, I Hope You Are Well!)

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